Did your parents teach you which cuts of meat were cheaper?. If not, I have gathered cheap cuts of meat that are very tasty and will leave your piggy bank happy, with recommended ways for making them. 

1. Chicken Leg Quarters

sebi tennyson

This cut has got to be my favorite, and perfect for a less rainy day. This consists of both the thigh and the drumstick of the chicken, and it is popularly sold with the bone and skin on. this cut is super versatile because you can separate the thigh and the drumstick. You can boil, grill or bake it. But I recommend grilling it with cajun seasoning.  

2. Merlot Steak 

Casey Hack

This cut is from the heel muscle of a cow, and people don't use it cause it's a little chewy and also lean. But this piece of meat is perfect when marinated and tossed on a grill because it becomes tender and twice as flavorful after the thorough cooking. The recommended way for preparing this is by pan searing it, but ensure is done medium rare, if not it becomes it a tough mess and hard to chew on.  

3. Chicken Drumstick

sebi tennyson

This is by far my favorite cheap cut, even though this cut is a tougher piece of the chicken, it comes power packed in absorbing flavors used on it. It is also fattier when compared to the breast, but this fat can help keep the meat moist that is if you don't mind the extra calories. Similar to the chicken leg, this cut is usually sold bone-in and skin-on. The drumsticks can be grilled, roasted, baked or boiled.

4. Faux Filet 

Don't let the name deceive you because there is nothing faux about this cheap cut, it also goes by the name sirloin steak or strip steak. If you are a lover of beef tenderloin without beef tenderloin money, this cut is a perfect fit for you. This cut is what I like to describe as "cheap and boujee." The cut comes from the short loin of a cow, it is lean and tender and can be seared with your favorite spices on butter and rosemary, or roasted whole.

5. Sirloin Chop

This steak is cheaper than its superior counterpart the rib chop, but it is every bit as tasty. Be sure to ask for a thicker chop when buying this because it has more connective tissues than actual meat. The best way to prepare this cut is by searing it a little or tossing into the oven so that the connective tissues soften up.

Paying for college is expensive enough, and just cause we are in college doesn't mean we should miss out on enjoying yummy protein.