It’s time to take it to the next level. No, we’re not talking about your grades or drinking tolerance. We’re talking about turning your Boot hookup into a dateable human. After the initial transition, you need to keep the flame burning and your stomach full with some fun date night restaurants. No worries, these spots will do no damage to your wallet, and you will leave thinking, “I’m in love”… with the food.

Don’t believe us? We consulted Noah, a Spoon-approved boyfriend. Along with our expertise, he helped us craft this guide to New Orleans’ most date-worthy dining spots.

1. Superior Seafood

date night restaurants

Photo by Rachel Weil

Four words: Daily. Oyster. Happy. Hour. With oysters costing only 50 cents a piece, you could basically feed a small army. Superior gives you an inexpensive sharing opportunity for some nervous hand grazing, and you will leave satisfied. But wait, it doesn’t stop there. The drinks make you feel like the tropics themselves, and the atmosphere screams, “I’m so fancy” (cue Iggy). During happy hour from 4 pm-6:30 pm, this restaurant makes for a great first date spot.

Noah Says: Happy Hour is unreal. You can get 12 oysters for $6 and the half-priced double frozen cocktails are fantastic.

2. SoBou

date night restaurants

Photo by Gillian Bayer

From “snacky things”, through “big bites”, all the way to “sweets”, SoBou’s sectioned menu offers a taste of New Orleans favorites with a modern twist. Because the kitchen offers such a size variety of dishes, couples can either get their own entrees or share Lady-and-the-Tramp style. Located in the W New Orleans hotel, the trendy, modern atmosphere extends to Sobou, making this restaurant a killer date spot to celebrate an anniversary or birthday without doing major damage to your wallet.

Noah Says: Order the yellowfin tuna cones, burger, and sweet potato beignets.

3. Bacchanal Wine

date night restaurants

Photo courtesy of Bacchanal Wine

If you’re looking for a more romantic date spot, this is the place to go. Unlimited wine choices (and a 21 ID) paired with live music, guarantees for a good night. Named the best outdoor dining venue by Gambit’s list of Best of New Orleans Restaurants, you and your date will have an unforgettable night on the cozy back patio under the twinkling lights.

Noah Says: Its a very relaxed environment with fun people, good music and great food.

4. Shaya

date night restaurants

Photo by Gillian Bayer

Esquire Magazine recently named this modern Israeli eatery the best new restaurant in America, and with good reason. Every single dish is prepared perfectly and offers a unique flavor experience. The cloud-like pita bread will absolutely break your no carb diet. On a clear night, the outdoor courtyard offers a romantic oasis for you and your date. Forget small-talk; get ready to spend the night exclaiming that your Shaya dining experience was the best meal of your life.

Noah Says: The endless pita bread really fills me up. I also suggest the sharing plates— they’re a good way to try a bunch of things.

5. Ba Chi Canteen

date night restaurants

Photo by Rachel Weil

New Orleans is famous for its Vietnamese culture, and this place gives diners a mouthwatering look into this Asian cuisine. Located walking distance from campus, Tulane students have access to a BYOB spot with amazing food, specifically the Kimchi fries and bacos (Vietnamese tacos). Grab your favorite bottle (bottles?, there is no judgement) of wine, and take a stroll to this casual but comfortable restaurant for a night of unreal flavors.

Noah Says: The crispy brisket baco is my favorite thing I’ve ever eaten in New Orleans. I’m not kidding.

date night restaurants

Photo by Nancy Einhart

BONUS: If you find yourself waking up together the next morning, head over to Camellia Grill for a breakfast you will never forget and service that will surely put a smile on your face.

Noah Says: I get a burger with swiss cheese, sautéed mushrooms and onions, and a fried egg. It has an egg, so I consider it breakfast.