Summer is here, and this doesn’t just mean pool season, beach season, or barbecue season, it means binge-watching season. However, as every teen knows, there comes that one point in time when you need some new show recommendations. Look no further, because being a teen myself and an avid participator in binge-watching season as well as barbecue season, have the perfect shows that celebrate the joy of food as well as pack enough flavors to leave you wanting more. Whichever cooking show you decide to try first, they are sure to spice up your Netflix experience.

1. Zumbo's Just Desserts

This is an Australian show in which twelve contestants must compete against each other for a grand prize of $100,000 and for their dessert to be featured in dessert connoisseur Adrian Zumbo’s dessert store.  Part of what gives this show excitement is the action between contestants as they compete in the Zumbo Test – they have to recreate one of Zumbo’s desserts. This is no easy task, as these creations are complex and involve layers of flavor, intricate techniques, and precise focus. You are sure to have a sweet tooth for this show once you see the first episode.

2. Chef's Table

This show is a series made up of mini documentaries that each feature a chef who is a savant of their field of cooking. It documents their journeys as master chefs as well as features some of the signature dishes these chefs make. It is a great show because it offers you insight into the creativity and strategies of different chefs from around the world­. It is not like your average cooking show, and will surely inspire and inform you of the culinary world and the kind of masterful art it's creators produce.

3. Ainsley Eats The Streets

A chef named Ainsley Harriott takes to the streets in this food series. He travels around the world, visiting places like Istanbul and Barbados to visit local street markets and learn about traditional recipes. This show is great because you get a cultural experience with Ainsley. Everything is local and you see him try all the foods and even cook in some of the kitchens that he finds. Sometimes he’ll even discover a new food and add his own twist to it, letting the locals try it to get their stamp of approval and showing off his own zesty cooking skills. This a very unique show. You’re right in the middle of all the action and get to see what a country or city is like at its most local level and understand it in a language that everyone knows: food!

4. Mega Food

Watch all about how mega companies serve hundreds of meals to hundreds of customers every day! This show features the kitchen activity of hotels, cruise ships, and even Sea World. Learn about how these business operate down to how many crew members they hire, how long they take to prep, where they get ingredients, and of course, what signature dishes keep the people coming and the businesses running. Exclusive interviews with staff members of these business gives insight into the diversity in kitchens all around the world as well, so you get a new taste of culinary life in each episode.

5. Nailed It!

Truly meant to entertain, this show will give you a bit of a laugh and boost your confidence in your own baking skills, as the contestants in this competition are far short of culinary masters. Three inexperienced bakers go head to head . . . to head. . .in a competition for ten grand. There is always a special guest judge who changes from episode to episode, and they are never some bland, boring judge, so you always get a new character to spice up the show. This is a great show if you're looking for laughs and entertainment.

Dig Right In

These five tasty shows are guaranteed to satisfy your greatest Netflix cravings when it comes to that time for something new. Taste tested myself, you can trust me when I tell you you'll be eating up every episode.