Recently, Stanford was voted the most “vegan-friendly large college” by PETA – but the delicious meat-free, dairy-free, and egg-free options don’t stop once you leave our dining halls. Here are the five best vegan dishes on campus that even the most carnivorous Stanford student MUST try before graduating.

1. The Shiitake and Tofu Teriyaki Bowl from The Treehouse

Photo by Danielle Limcaoco

This dish is a no-nonsense, filling, and tasty treat for when you’re craving something healthy and slightly sweet. The Treehouse is generous with its rice, but its the quality of the sauce, tofu, and vegetables that makes every bite of this mouthwatering dish worth it!

2. The Avocado Toast from Fraiche

Photo by Kaitlin Schroeder

Although pricey (it’s a little over 5 dollars per order), the Avocado Toast is undeniably a winner. The avocado is so fresh and perfectly cut, and its flavor is complemented by the chili pepper, salt, and lemon. It’s perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just as a snack, and it’s DEFINITELY worth the splurge!

3. The Black Bean Burger (With Extra Avocados!) from TAP

Photo by Danielle Limcaoco

This exemplifies that beef doesn’t make a burger. The black bean patty used is tasty, simple, yet delicious. However, adding avocados to the mix takes the burger to a whole other level – it counters the crispy buns and heavy patty with a soft, fresh zest. Plus, the fact that you get to spend meal plan dollars on this burger probably makes it taste better.

4. The Hummus Plate from Coupa Cafe

Photo by Danielle Limcaoco

I can’t express hummus I love this! The pita bread is perfectly warm and soft, and the hummus is rich, creamy, and extremely satisfying. You can’t go wrong with this dish, you really can’t. Hummus more do I have to say to convince you to try this out?

5. The Red Quinoa and Vegetable Plate from COHO

Photo by Danielle Limcaoco

Although a the dressing is a little overpowering, the quinoa and the vegetables just pair together really well to make an overall substantial and healthy dish. This vegan option is perfect for post-workout meals, study sessions, or lunch with a friend.