I consider myself a milk-alternative connoisseur. I've tried everything from oat milk to cashew milk in my morning lattes. However, I still haven't found anything that beats good old soy milk. I think soy milk is better than other milk alternatives because it's both affordable and tasty. I love oat milk and cashew milk, but their price tags are often less than desirable. I prefer soy milk over almond milk because almond milk gets weirdly chunky in coffee, whereas soy milk stays nice and smooth, which is perfect for my homemade lattes. I've been on a lifelong quest to find the best soy milk out there, and I'm happy to share my findings with you.

Silk Unsweetened

Silk is the OG soy milk brand. You can find it at nearly every supermarket and it has consistently affordable prices. I've tried pretty much every almond milk and soy milk variety that Silk offers and the Original Unsweetened is the very best. It's perfect for anything you want to use milk for, from oatmeal to coffee to smoothies.

Silk Vanilla

Silk Vanilla is also one of the best soy milk options. I usually choose unsweetened soy milk when it's available, because the added sugars in sweetened varieties can make them pretty unhealthy. However, the vanilla flavor makes the sugar worth it. I recommend Silk Vanilla for special occasions when you need something small to brighten your day, like during finals week.

Wegman's Soy Milk

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Alex Frank

If you've never had the joy of shopping at Wegman's, I feel bad for you. This is one of the best grocery stores in the game and their products are hard to beat. Therefore, it's no surprise that their soy milk is spot on. I always pick up a carton of Unsweetened Vanilla when I stop by Wegman's. The subtle  flavor is perfect for your morning coffee or cereal.

Whole Foods Vanilla

This is one of the best soy milk options simply because it's so smooth. It's light, silky and perfect for enjoying with your favorite cookies. It's also cheaper than most of the others on this list since it's the store's own brand. If I'm in a smoothie mood, I'll typically go for this since it's light enough to not be overpowering. 

Trader Joe's Unsweetened 

TJ's never disappoints, and this soy milk is no exception. It has the perfect balance of sweetness without feeling like too much in the morning. Enjoy it with these filling and affordable Trader Joe's breakfasts or in your favorite oatmeal.

Next time you're in the milk aisle, take a minute to actually check out all the options out there. Think about if you want to use the milk as a drink on its own, a mixer in your coffee, or an ingredient in a different recipe. The best soy milk can take some trial and error to find, but if you stick to these five options you won't be disappointed.