If you've ever binge watched Hell's Kitchen or Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations, you probably understand the weird pleasure of watching people cook (or eat) exotic poached pears and macaroon towers for hours. As someone who's spent their childhood getting hungry watching other people eat on TV, I know your struggle. Here are the 5 best shows on food you can watch this holiday season, that take your childhood favorites to the next level. 

1. Heritage

Tastemade's Heritage takes you into some of the world's most innovative kitchens- from Juniper and Ivy's molecular gastronomy, to Primo's farm-to-table, full circle kitchen. I watched this one over the summer, and it makes the top of the list because of its authentic 10 minute, documentary style videos that leave you feeling inspired (and craving weird, fancy food like mushroom doughnuts). If I had to describe this show in 3 phrases, they'd be- energizing, thought provoking, and distinctive.

2. Chef's Table

What inspires a brilliant chef? How do they come up with the concepts behind their cooking style? What's the story behind their signature dish? Chef's Table on Netflix is created by David Gelb, director of the critically acclaimed documentary, Jiro Dreams of Sushi, and gives us a glimpse into what makes some of the world's most renowned chefs tick. What I loved most about it was the gripping stories behind each individual who was profiled, and its unique storytelling style. 

3. Worth It 

I've been high-key obsessed with this show since its first season, and it's perfect for a casual binge watch during the holidays. The concept of the show is to find the dish that is most "worth it" at its price point. In one of my favorite episodes, they compare $3 mac n cheese with $195 mac n cheese . Watching the entertaining hosts devour delicious, gooey, rich  mac n cheese in slow motion is painful but oddly satisfying. 

Warning: Do not watch this series on an empty stomach. I have been there more times than I'd like to admit, and it never ends well.

4. Alice in Paris

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Kristine Mahan

This is definitely the most unique show on the list- each episode of the scripted series is just 2 to 3 minutes long, and follows the story of a quirky girl called Alice who, (I'm sure you guessed) is living in Paris. She explores everything from Parisian cafes to patisseries, and tells each story in an unusual narrative style, as if it's a mini adventure. Definitely a show you can finish watching on a lazy afternoon. 

5. Parts Unknown

You can't have a list of the best food shows without mentioning the man who made this genre what it is today- Anthony Bourdain. The internet recently exploded after his Parts Unknown episode featuring Barack Obama in Vietnam, but for those who have been following him over the years, he's the reason we dream of traveling around the world and exploring various cuisines. 10/10 would recommend this show to anybody interested in food, travel, or just entertainment.