Every Major League Baseball stadium has their own signature foods they are famous for, ranging from the classic hot dogs and fries to completely bizarre and wacky creations. The following foods and snacks are already hits in their cities, and now you can recreate them in your own kitchen with these ballpark-inspired recipes.

ballpark-inspired recipes

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1. “Caught Looking” For Crab

Some of the best food ballpark stadiums have to offer are their selection of seafood dishes – from fish n ‘chips to slightly more gourmet choices.

Camden Yards: Crab Dip Fries

ballpark-inspired recipes

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Well-seasoned, crispy, thin fries with flavorful and creamy crab dip has Orioles fans going crazy in Baltimore. Pair that with an exciting win over rivals New York Yankees or Boston Red Sox, and that’s quite the victory. Here’s the yummy crab dip recipe that I’ve made countless times and can say it’ll never disappoint.

AT&T Park: Crazy Crab Sandwich

ballpark-inspired recipes

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At any point during the game, there is always a line around this stand behind the bleachers. If you’re willing to wait, any Giants fan will tell you it’s worth it. One bite and you’ll be feeling like a world champion, too. Here’s my go-to crab sandwich recipe that’s perfect for any outdoor party, day or night.

2. First Base French Fries

I don’t think any baseball game would be complete without an order (or many) of fresh, delicious French fries paired with an iced cold beverage.

AT&T Park: Garlic Fries

ballpark-inspired recipes

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The home of the San Francisco Giants makes the list again with their famous garlic fries, a recipe perfected and created by the owners at Gordon & Biersch brewing company. It makes sense – a cold beer and fresh fries are a winning duo, like the winning combo of Posey & Bumgarner. The Food Republic has a great recipe to recreate this at home – check it out here.

3. “Sweet” Spot of the Bat

We’ve come to the bottom of the 9th inning, and the last two recipes up to bat are the most dangerously delicious in the lineup. Try one of these star-studded treats for yourself that are sure to put you in the win column.

PNC Park: The Brunch Burger

ballpark-inspired recipes

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Burgers for dessert? Why, yes. The Pittsburgh Pirates have what may be the wackiest but most delicious and certainly photo-worthy burger in all of the MLB. A juicy burger, topped with slices of bacon, cheese, an egg, and the glazed donut bun provides all the indulgence one could possibly want. If you’re feeling adventurous, try out this combo, or take a look at this Nutella dessert version here.

AT&T Park: Ghirardelli Sundae

ballpark-inspired recipes

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OK, maybe I’ve revealed by now that I am a huge Giants fan, but all bias aside, they definitely deserve to be 3 for 3 on this list of ballpark foods. Just like their three championship trophies, this ice cream creation is the reward and symbol of victory. It’s the perfect way to end your day at the park, or at home. Re-create this legendary sundae here.