Comparison in the media not only predominates in the realm of Instagram models and fitness accounts, but also in the world of food bloggers. It is so easy to compare our lives to others, no matter what they are posting about or promoting. I don't know about you, but in a world where we are constantly bombarded with images of people who appear to a have a "perfect life," it is so refreshing to stumble across social media influencers who are genuine and authentic human beings.

There are common themes that the most popular influencers tend to shy away from, especially those involving eating disorders, mental health issues, financial struggles, and honestly anything that is considered to be less than perfect. These topics, however, affect a large percentage of the population whether we talk about it on social media or not. Putting yourself out there and talking about things you might be ashamed of takes a lot of bravery and self esteem, especially in an online environment that fosters so much hate. 

These food bloggers have shown that it is not only important, but necessary to be honest and authentic with your audience and with yourself. I hope you enjoy following their journeys as much as I do! 

1) Tayler McKellop @itstaylermarie

A few months ago, a close friend sent me a post from Tayler's Instagram, and I was instantly blown away with how honest she was about life. Tayler started her Instagram in May of 2017 as a college freshman, and quickly grew her page into a place to share not only her favorite plant-based recipes but also tips for affordable grocery shopping, balanced living, sustainability, and self-love.

In November of last year, she also published two important blog posts called "My Health Story - Orthorexia, Reproductive Health, and Weight Restoration" and "How I Restored Weight and Got My Period Back," which delves deeply into her health journey and how she healthily gained weight through a combination of food, rest, and mindset. Her story is inspiring not only because of her vulnerability online, but also because of the wisdom she shares about health and wellness and the impact it has on our daily lives. I highly suggest checking out her recently released E-book "The Tayler Marie Healthy College Guide," which is packed with tips and advice for staying healthy in all aspects of college! 

2) Samantha Eason @sammyjaneeason

Not gonna lie, Samantha Eason is the coolest mom on the planet. I love her instagram for a number of reasons. First of all, she is so transparent about every aspect of her life from motherhood to food to relationships. Second, her little boys are the CUTEST kids I have every seen. Third, she makes some damn good-looking food and has stellar photography skills.

Honestly, she's everything I aspire to be when I'm older and have a family. She shares the uncensored parts, the highs and lows. This not only makes her relatable, but also comforting in the sense that her life is a lot like ours, even though she shares it through social media. She also has some pretty great recipes on her Instagram, including mug cakes and cookies, as well as self-care and traveling tips!

3) Olivia @olive.eeeats

Olivia's Instagram bio literally states "serving you alllll the realness," which perfectly sums up her presence on social media. Olivia is a speech-language pathologist currently living in Los Angeles. She openly shares her journey with IBS, mindful eating, fitness, and balance throughout life. Her Instagram captions are filled with truths that many of us can relate to whether that be our relationship with food, self-love, or finding happiness in the often mundane routines of life. She also focuses on her own struggles with food and how she has found balance in the area of health and wellness.

4) Jeannette Ogden @shutthekaleup

Jeannette is the mastermind behind the Instagram page "@shutthekaleup." Isn't she the cutest pregnant mama? The reason Jeannette first started her Instagram was to help people find balance. She talks about the ways dieting and disordered eating consumed her life, and left her feeling deprived and defeated. It wasn't until she surrounded herself with people who cared about health in a balanced way that she began to see improvements in her own life. On her page, you can find all things real food and fitness, including delicious recipes and pictures of her adorable family!

5) Courtney Paige @apaigeofpositivity

Courtney is a 21 year-old student at Michigan State University who centers her Instagram around having a positive lifestyle. As someone who has struggled with eating disorders throughout her life, Courtney offers a lot of insight into tribulations associated with eating disorders, along with the ways she stands up to them. She never shys away from speaking about something that would make her uncomfortable because she says it makes her more comfortable in the future. She also shares her tips on eating healthy, working out, and grocery shopping, as well as finding balance as a college student.

I hope you guys enjoy these authentic food bloggers as much as I do. They constantly remind me that even though life may seem perfect online, we all have our own struggles that many people tend to hide from the world. It's okay to be vulnerable and to appear like we don't have it all together. It's what makes us human. So, shoutout to these amazing humans who are making the world a better place by being their true selves!