It’s a fact: humans love to mess with each other, whether it be kidding around with a friend or passive aggressively tricking an arch nemesis. Unfortunately for us, though, people don’t love to be the butt of these jokes.

We usually have to resist our diabolical urges, but with April Fools Day rolling up, we can finally get away with what we’ve been holding in all year. That girl that let the door fall on your face? Your brother who didn’t put the toilet seat down, yet again? No one is off limits on April Fools, so here are some easy, food-based pranks to have at the ready.

1. Gatorade Windex Bottle


Photo by Jess Lewy

Game plan: Empty Windex bottle. Run through dishwasher to clean that ish. Fill with blue Gatorade. Proceed to spray into mouth or drink from bottle in front of prank-ee. Behold your entertainment.

This prank is ideal for your worrying, hypochondriac friends, but interested hoaxing on a larger scale? Head on over to Meijer’s cleaning department with your Windex-free Windex bottle and take a big old chug there. And don’t be selfish – post a pic of their horrified faces.

#SpoonTip: If you’re slightly worried about ingesting anything that has been inside a Windex bottle either:

1. Think about Mr. Portokalos from My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Just put some Windex on it? You’re fine. 

2. Buy a clean spray bottle and adhere your own printed Windex label to it just to be safe.

2. Soy Sauce Pop


Photo by Jared Sebby

Who can turn down a nice, iced glass of pop? Or, what else do you weirdos call it…soda? #MidwestForTheWin. Instead of quenching their thirst, however, replacing their cola with soy sauce will leave them puckering and maybe spitting. So, hand them your concoction and enjoy – but maybe step back because you don’t want to be covered in soy-sauce-spit.

Teach your Diet Coke addicts a lesson with this prank, and maybe put them off from their drug for a while. See, you could actually be helping their health in the long run. You don’t even have to feel guilty about tricking them, right?

3. Wasabi Guacamole


Photo by Alice Huang

We all know roommate food theft is a thing, but the time to finally end it is now. Let’s be real: 1. No one can resist a bowl of freshly-made guacamole and 2. No one can tell if you’ve added a healthy scoop of wasabi to it. So, go ahead, whip up a fresh batch of guac loaded with wasabi, and set it out for everyone to “enjoy.” No one messes with your food, and when they get a mouthful of fire, trust me, your roommates will learn that lesson.

4. Mento Ice Cube 


Photo courtesy of

If you really want to celebrate April Fools’ with a bang, this prank is definitely the one for you. You know about the reaction between Mentos and Coke? Well, here’s a way to use it for more than just a science experiment.

All you need to do is prepare an ice cube tray of water and freeze it until it’s almost solid. Then add one Mento into the center of each cube and finish freezing (be sure to wait for the water to be nearly frozen or else the Mentos will dissolve). When it’s go time, place your cubes in a glass of Coca-Cola and offer to a someone that you want to see covered in erupted Coke. Don’t worry about it exploding on you first, though, because the water will melt off the cubes slowly, and your ticking time bomb won’t detonate for a few seconds.

5. Cookie Replacements


Photo by Katherine Carroll

Just like guac, no one is going to pass up a freshly baked cookie. But who says it has to be chocolate chip? Try replacing chocolate chips in this easy cookie recipe with ingredients like coffee beans or peppercorns – the substitutes are really endless, so pick your poison. Maybe save some of the dough and make cookies for yourself too, because really, it’s just not right to destroy a whole batch of cookies.


Gif courtesy of

So, let’s channel as much energy as this lady has for her guacamole and get ready to celebrate! Go out, be passive aggressive, be funny, be vengeful – whatever you have to do, just please utilize this prank-worthy holiday.