90% of the world’s population likes birthday cake, and for good reason. Sometimes, though, after the fifth birthday party of the month, you just need a break from cake.

The prospect of choking down another dry, sickeningly sweet birthday cake from a grocery store is sometimes incredibly unpleasant. Thus, we present to you some alternatives for the next birthday party you’re hosting.

1. Birthday Pie


Photo by Kathleen Lee

So, pie is not all that different from cake, but it is vastly underrated in comparison. Why can’t we have birthday pie? Any pie can be a birthday pie, so if you or a friend loves a certain flavor from key-lime to apple, go ahead and stick a candle in it and call it the best birthday dessert ever.

2. Festive Birthday Drink


Photo via the Sip Advisor

For all those who prefer to drink their calories, just cut to the chase and whip up a tasty cocktail in lieu of a cake. The Novice Chef actually has a Birthday Cake Martini recipe if you’re in to that. Just look at those sprinkles.

3. Birthday Tower of Beers


Photo via mom vs. the boys

If you’re throwing a party for a beer-lover, you might as well kill two birds with one stone and make the cake and the alcohol one creation. All you need is a 30-pack of beer, some ribbon and voila. Birthday Beer.

4. Watermelon Fruit Cake


Photo via Popsugar

If you’re throwing a party for someone who is a little more “health conscious,” a watermelon cake is a great way to go. Alternatively, fresh fruit is the perfect accompaniment to an outdoor birthday party in the summer. Pepper Scraps has a nice little tutorial to cutting the watermelon into a cake shape.

If you’re wanting something more sweet, try frosting the watermelon with whipped cream.

5. Donut Birthday Cake


Photo by Elsie Larson

Donut birthday cakes are one of my favorite birthday cake alternatives. You still get the sweetness of cake, but it’s deep-fried and suitable for breakfast. What else could you want on the morning of your birthday?

Honestly, anything can be called a birthday “cake” if you stick some candles in it. It’s nothing personal, birthday cake. We’re just feeling a little adventurous is all.