1. Oh yeah, today’s going to be a good day. I’m eating McDonald’s for a whole day. Be jealous of me, world.

2. Wow. This 8am is such a drag. I just want my McGriddle.

3. I should’ve skipped class. NO. No. FOCUS.


5. I am way too excited for this. I need to calm the eff down.

6. Ooh. I need to order orange juice.

7. FOOD.

Photo by Kathleen Lee

Photo by Kathleen Lee

8. *bites into McGriddle* Oh sweet Mary, mother of Jesus.

9. This hash brown doe. OOH and this orange juice doe.

10. Man I should eat this more often. Nope. I lied. I feel kind of gross.

11. This is not how I’m supposed to feel just yet. I still have two more meals!

12. Is this how I’m going to feel for the rest of the day after every meal? Nahhh I’ll be fine.

13. This is fun. I can’t wait for lunch.

14. Shoot I hope they don’t remember me from breakfast.

15. Oh different workers. Phew.

16. Hmmmm… So many choices!

17. New day, new me. I’m treatin’ myself to a Happy Meal.

18. Oh snap. Mighty kids meal with 6 piece McNuggets? That’s what I’m talkin’ about.

19. I think I’ll get some apple slices, a “cutie”, and some apple juice to make myself feel healthier.

20. Yeah, fruits are healthy therefore, I am being healthy.

21. Goodness gracious. I could eat these fries and McNuggets all day, e’ryday.

22. I swear. They put crack in this or something.

23. Wait, I’ve never tried crack.

24. Whatever, this is so GOOD.

25. What the, my food’s gone already.

26. I need more.

27. No, no I don’t. I need a salad. I need those leafy greens.

28. Hmmm… should I get a salad for dinner?

29. *British accent* Why yes! What a brilliant idea!

30. No. Go away. What a terrible idea.

31. Say yes to the salad.

32. But is it worth it? *missy Elliot plays in head*

33. Sorry Missy, I’m going with the Hot n’ Spicy McChicken and fries.

34. Well geez, Louise. These buns are so disappointing.

35. *Chandler Bing voice* Can they be any flatter?

36. Oh hot diggity dog. These Hot n’ Spicy-s never fails me. *cries happy tear*

37. Oh hey! Shredded lettuce! Those are leafy greens, right?

38. *whispers* Yes.

39. Is it possible to get sick from all this McDonald’s?

40. I hope I don’t die in my sleep tonight from all these chemicals and who-knows-what.

41. My stomach feels really bloated. Hello.

43. I need to study but I really feel a major food coma heading my way.

44. I mustn’t sleep. Must. Stay. Strong.

45. I literally feel like a sack of potatoes, though.

46. Meeerrrrhhhhh

47. Oh, a latte sounds good!

48. Okay. I’m getting coffee.

49. I hope Starbucks doesn’t have a long line…

Photo by Kathleen Lee
Photo by Kathleen Lee

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