Oh, Europe. How we love your chic cities, historic sights, cultured landmarks and laid-back ambience. But, most importantly, there’s something about Europe as a food mecca that makes it the perfect destination for any foodie. There’s the classic Rhine wine tours, cooking school in Sicily, and cheese pairing opportunities in Paris, but steamy European summers truly call for one thing: ice cream.

If you’re lucky enough to have landed a summer internship, study opportunity, or hot travel date to Europe this summer, make sure to check out these ice cream stops along the way. They’ll definitely leave you screaming for more.

1. Molly Bakes Café (London, UK)


Photo courtesy of Love That Mag

These British “freakshakes” give Black Tap a serious run for their money. The café offers chocolate, raspberry, caramel, and peanut butter bases with endless combination possibilities. Make sure to get there early, as the café is incredibly popular and they stop making milkshakes an hour before closing. The British do it better, am I right?

2. Yolkin (London, UK)


Photo courtesy of @yolkinmacice on Instagram

While London’s pub food may not be Insta-worthy, these macaroon ice cream sandwiches most definitely are. Yolkin’s pop-up shops have been moving around London, so it’s a bit of a scavenger hunt to find, but it’s worth the prize.

#SpoonTip: Get your true Brit on by trying flavors like Earl Grey or Milk Tea. 

3. Mary’s Milk Bar (Edinburgh, Scotland)


Photo courtesy of @marysmilkbar on Instagram

I don’t know who Mary is, but she is an ice cream GODDESS. Not only does she offer hot chocolate on steroids, but on Fridays, her monster oyster donuts sell out every time. This place is too good to be true.

4. Janetta’s (St. Andrews, Scotland)


Photo courtesy of foodspotting.com

Whether you’re in St. Andrew’s in hopes of finding your next Prince William or hole-in-one, the scenic town offers a sick view while eating your gelato. Janetta’s has the gelato game DOWN and has been a town fave for over a hundred years. They’re obviously doing something very, very right.

#SpoonTip: Feeling truly Scottish? Try the Tablet gelato for something sweet.

5. Une Glace à Paris (Paris, France)


Photo courtesy of Escargot Diary

Take advantage of the fact that you can taste-test here. Une Glace offers three different artisanal variations of chocolate and vanilla based on flavors from around the world. I don’t know what Tanzanian chocolate or smoked Indian vanilla is supposed to taste like, but it sounds heavenly.

6. Berthillon (Paris, France)


Photo courtesy of @berthillon on Instagram

After opening in 1928, Berthillon has been a local and tourist fave for years, and for a very good reason. If you’re a chocolate lover, you’re in luck: Berthillon’s chocolate sorbet consistently ranks as some of the best in Paris. It’s been described as “some of the deepest, truest flavors ever churned.” Count me in.

#SpoonTip: If you’re feeling something lighter, try their wild strawberry sorbet. Feeling adventurous? Add lemon to the combination.

7. Fenocchio (Nice, France)


Photo courtesy of bloggernet.com

Fenocchio saves you the stress of on-the-spot ordering by constantly updating their flavor list. Word on the street is that their lavender ice cream is a major palate-pleaser in the summer, and it probably deserves a spot on this list as well.

8. Magnum Store (Brussels, Belgium)


Photo courtesy of @thebrusselsprouts on Instagram

These bars have been killing the Insta scene for quite a while. While their pop-up shops have gained major fan clubs worldwide (check out the NY location this summer), the home of the Magnum Bar will always be Brussels. If you don’t Insta it, did you really even go?

9. Lanskroon Banketbakkerij (Amsterdam, Netherlands)


Photo courtesy of theculturetrip.com

This bakery offers the best of both worlds: classic Dutch stroopwafels AND gelato. Now, put the gelato in the stroopwafel and you have pure delicious genius. Amster-dayum.

10. Il Gelato di Claudio Torcè (Rome, Italy)


Photo courtesy of Face Magazine

This is not the place to order plain vanilla, seriously. Claudio Torce has been around forever and has the flavor game on point. While various locations have over 100 different flavors, some highlights include habanero, Szechuan pepper, egg nog, 100% cacao, and apple strudel. Get crazy, kids.

11. Gelateria del Teatro (Rome, Italy)


Photo courtesy of @gelateriadelteatro on Instagram

While gelato probably isn’t the best for any diet, Gelateria del Teatro uses only fresh and natural ingredients to make us feel just a little less guilty. With flavors like Sicilian wine cream and rosemary honey almond, it’s hard to pick just one. Might as well just pick, like, three. #sorrynotsorry

12. Perché No! (Florence, Italy)


Photo courtesy of @sugo37 on Instagram

Perché No! basically has a cult following, and for a good reason. Each day’s specialities are better than the next. Monday’s are rose, pine seed (how?), and trifle, while Friday’s specialities consist of apple pie, verde matcha, and lavender. I’d visit every day of the week.

13. Bar Gelateria Ercole (Pizzo, Italy)


Photo courtesy of tripadvisor.com

The Italians have this to-die-for dessert called tartufo, and I’m not sure why the rest of the world isn’t as obsessed with it. This place kills it when it comes to tartufo. To enlighten those who don’t know, tartufo consists of ice cream with fruit covered in a chocolate shell, and typically topped with nuts or fudge. Yes, this is a real thing. Get to Ercole ASAP.

14. Alaska Gelateria-Sorbetteria (Venice, Italy)


Photo by Negin Mirsalehi

After wandering through the streets and over the bridges of Venice, stop by this hole-in-the-wall heaven, but don’t expect to leave without at least trying their artichoke or asparagus ice cream. If you’re feeling boring  less adventurous, their simple yogurt flavor is still delish.

15. Artisani (Lisbon, Portugal)


Photo courtesy of foodspotting.com

This is definitely the place to go for the pastry and ice cream combo. Not only are the waffles bomb, but their handmade crepes are worth the hype. Don’t worry about group dietary restrictions. They even have gluten-free, lactose-free options for those intolerant friends.

16. Gelado Santini (Lisbon, Portugal)


Photo courtesy of cidade.com

This place is older than my great-grandma, so there’s obviously some kind of secret to the Santini craze. Not only is Santini continuously top-rated for stellar customer service and all the classic favorites, but they also have flavors like fig, gorgonzola, and banana acai.

17. Le Greche (Athens, Greece)


Photo courtesy of @le_greche on Instagram

For all of my boozy friends, this is the place for you. Locals and tourists alike love Le Greche’s rum-flavored gelato. While it probably won’t get you too schwasty, it also won’t taste nearly as bad (or leave you with as many regrets) as that shot of Captain Morgan the night before.

18. Sorolop (Athens, Greece)


Photo courtesy of @sorolop_gr on Instagram

While Sorolop’s gelato is great, their profiteroles are the real reason to make the trip. Paired with a scoop of vanilla gelato and a cup of coffee, this snack will leave you wanting to stay in Greece forever. Sorolop is even environmentally responsible as all of their packaging is biodegradable. Bonus points.

19. Giuseppe Ricce (Madrid, Spain)


Photo courtesy of tripadvisor.com

Some have claimed this centrally located shop to be the creamiest gelato in Madrid. Mr. Ricci really just gets us basic chicks. Aside from the creamy gelato, they also have soy and nonfat options for those who are “watching their calories.”

#SpoonTip: If you’re like me and dgaf about the cals, try the After 8 gelato for a minty mouthful.

20. La Romana (Madrid, Spain)


Photo courtesy of Heladería La Romana

Things we love about Spain: siesta, soccer, weather, and wine. La Romana takes the wine lover thing to a new level with their wine-flavored gelato, called zabaglione. Code red (vino), literally.

21. Eyescream and Friends (Barcelona, Spain)


Photo courtesy of @eyescreamandfriends on Instagram

This place is kind of creepy, but really freaking cool. Another one for the child in all of us, Eyescream and Friends is exactly what it sound like: ice cream with eyes on it. Time to show your artsy side, folks.

22. Mövenpick (Zurich, Switzerland)


Photo courtesy of @jaybeproductions on Instagram

While you can find these all over the world, Mövenpick planted its famous roots in Zurich. The fancy ice cream, decadent shakes, and classy ambience make the ice cream gallery feel inherently Swiss. My personal go-to is the Vanilla Dream. Yes, that kind of sounds like a sex position, but it tastes even better.

23. Vegelateria (Zurich, Switzerland)


Photo courtesy of @plussmichael on Instagram

Just like what its name sounds like, Vegelateria offers tons of vegan options for even the pickiest of eaters. While every vegan sweet treat I’ve ever tried has tasted similar to cardboard, their vegelato is actually really good. If the place didn’t boast their vegan treats, I maybe wouldn’t even have realized that it was vegan. Maybe.

24. Eis Fontanella (Mannheim, Germany)


Photo courtesy of Familli

If you’re on Spoon, you probably love both carbs and ice cream as much as the next dude. Leave it to the Germans to combine the two best food groups into one through Spaghetti Eis. The breakdown: vanilla ice cream, berry sauce, and white chocolate sprinkles? Ja, bitte.

25. Anna Durkes (Berlin, Germany)


Photo courtesy of @fedeausberlin on Instagram

So if you weren’t already aware, Berlin is like, the coolest city ever. This is totally because of places like Anna Durkes. Run by an adorable Italian couple, this place changes flavors daily, but has a range of chocolates, vanillas, and sorbettos to choose from as well. Located in the hip Kreuzberg neighborhood, this gelato is bound to leave you feeling cool.

26. Die Eismacher (Berlin, Germany)


Photo courtesy of @die_eismacher on Instagram

Also located in Kreuzberg, this gelateria is for the more adventurous hipsters. To give you an idea, Die Eismacher has flavors like purple ube, raspberry and coriander milk, cucumber sorbet, and blueberry cheesecake. Nom.

27. Sarcletti (Munich, Germany)


Photo courtesy of tripadvisor.com

This one is for every college student and will probably make beer pong boring after trying Sarcletti’s beer-flavored ice cream. Some will go far as to call Sarcletti the Eiskönig, or ice cream king. Guess you’ll have to judge for yourself.

28. Absintherie (Prague, Czech Republic)


Photo courtesy of dishmaps.com

This isn’t exclusively a gelateria, but it has ABSINTHE ICE CREAM. Yes, there is a theme with the boozy ice cream on this list because you’re not going to find this stuff in good ol’ Amurica. Take advantage of it while you can. It’s Eurotour.

29. Good Food Coffee and Bakery (Prague, Czech Republic)


Photo courtesy of @ariellesays on Instagram

Instagram posts of this place have been clogging my feed, and personally, I’ve been SO JEALOUS. The outside consists of a delicious cinnamon flavored pull-apart type bread. The inside is vanilla ice cream, occasionally topped with chocolate syrup. Like, nothing about this could possibly be bad. If you’re in Prague, you have to Czech this place out.

30. Jednorożec: Warsaw, Poland


Photo courtesy of natemat.pl

If this hipster, unicorn-themed shop doesn’t make you feel like a kid again, you’re probably inhuman. Even on the hottest of days, the cute waffle-topped “horns” atop naturally-made gelato are bound to make you smile.

31. Nitro Lody (Warsaw, Poland)


Photo courtesy of Nitro Lody

While the nitrogen ice cream phase is relatively old, this cute store front in Warsaw’s Old Town is still worth the try. Aside from being super cheap,this laboratory-like shop offers crazy combinations every day. Some include: peanut butter+biscuit, watermelon+mint, ginger+mint, and banana+ white chocolate. Yeah, this exists.

32. Dondurmacci (Istanbul, Turkey)


Photo courtesy of @dondurmacci on Instagram

Since their website says, “life is too short to eat bad ice cream,” you know this place gets what’s up. I don’t even know what Buffalo Milk ice cream is supposed to taste like, but they have it. Peek their wild flavor list here.

33. Gelarto Rosa (Budapest, Hungary)


Photo courtesy of @gelartorosa on Instagram

Just like this sounds like, Gelarto Rosa makes gelato in, you got it, the shape of roses. So. much. insta. potential.

#SpoonTip: Go for the lemon basil sorbet. Do it.

34. Daubner Confectionary (Budapest, Hungary)

Photo courtesy of welovebudapest.com

Daubner spices up the ice cream game with a vast variety of topping and sauce combinations with syrups like cherry, caramel, hazelnut, raspberry and orange. Mix these up with a classic chocolate or vanilla and throw some sprinkles on top and voilá,  instant happiness.

35. Vincek (Zagreb, Croatia)


Photo courtesy of @a.n.c.i.0409 on Instagram

As another local favorite, Vincek does not disappoint. They offer a ton of nut-based ice creams like hazelnut, chestnut, and pistachio. Not feeling ice cream? Their cakes made them famous; you’ll almost always find a crowd.

36. 18 Smaker: Stockholm, Sweden

Photo courtesy of 18 Smaker on Facebook

This one is a real shocker. 18 Smaker has 18 freshly made flavors that change seasonally. Since it changes so often, you’re always getting the freshest, best ingredients. This one has tons of vegan options and wild flavors. If you’re there in the summer, make sure to try their “summer flavor.” Brilliantly named, I know.

37. Fryst (Stockholm, Sweden)


Photo by @minel1985 on Instagram

To top off the alcohol flavored ice cream trend, Fryst offers the classiest of them all: champagne flavored ice cream. Want to know more about our fave bubbly drink? Check out some dope facts here.

38. Vaffelbageriet: Copenhagen, Denmark

Photo by The Daily Meal

Photo courtesy of The Daily Meal

Okay, so this one is in an amusement park in the middle of Copenhagen. I should just finish this here because that should be enough to convince you to go. If you’re no fun still skeptical, this ice cream shop has been around since 1906 and has been making both handmade ice cream and waffle cones ever since.

39. Fra Skaro (Skaro, Denmark)


Photo courtesy of Fra Skaro

While most won’t be venturing outside of Copenhagen, Fra Skaro is worth the trip. Made from birch syrup instead of sugar, this shop offers a healthy alternative to ice cream (kind of). Now it makes sense why everyone in Denmark is freaking gorgeous, am I right?

40. Paradis Geletaria (Oslo, Norway)


Photo courtesy of @iskrembar Instagram

The #instaviews from this storefront should be enough of a reason to visit. It’s right on the water and BEAUTIFUL. Seriously, ice cream cone + waterfront views = died and went to heaven. If you’re feeling fruity, try the pink grapefruit. If not, go for the butterfinger. You won’t regret it.

41.Håndverkeren (Oslo, Norway)


Photo courtesy of @kaffebrenneri on Instagram

Last but not least, this hidden gem may lead you down a few unknown roads, but its well worth the scavenger hunt. Once you find it, this Oslo store will transport you to the 50s with its cute, old-timey vibe. Tbh I’d go on any scavenger hunt involving ice cream, so count me in.