Yogurt was never my favorite, even when I consumed dairy. Something always seemed unappealing to me about the texture of a product you had to stir to make it a vaguely digestible substance. When I discovered vegan yogurt, I wondered why anyone would even bother subjecting the plant-based community to the disgusting foods we rid ourselves of. I have come around to the idea finally and found a few ways to appreciate the non-dairy version of the classic breakfast staple.

What is Vegan Yogurt?

Vegan yogurt is any product that mimics the texture of yogurt without the dairy. Versions include coconut, soy and almond-based yogurts. Vegan yogurt is a good choice not only for non-dairy eaters, but for those looking to watch their dairy intake. Dairy has been linked to some pretty nasty consequences, and while a limited amount can be good, it’s best to keep intake minimal if you can help it.

Dairy’s environmental impact is important to consider. Greek yogurt creates toxic byproducts that are hard to remove. Its PETA-friendly cousin, on the other hand, has little of the same negative impact. Vegan yogurt is a great choice for everyone and I’ve figured out how to make it appealing.

1. Top it

Photo by Maggie Harriman

Photo by Maggie Harriman

One of the easiest ways to pump up your yogurt can also make a great quick breakfast. Fresh fruit, nuts, granola, chocolate chips, unsweetened coconut flakes, seeds, maple syrup, jam, nut butter and even dried fruit all make great toppings. Pile yours up like it’s the frozen stuff and you might just have something delicious.

2. Parfait it

Mason jar yogurt parfait

Photo by Anna Loh

While toppings on their own can be great, sometimes you need the silky, sweet and crunchy layers of a parfait to truly satisfy your yogurt craving. I think that when your food looks better, it tastes better.

#SpoonTip: Call us basic, but we here at Spoon love our mason jars, and here’s a hint- they’re absolutely perfect for parfaits.

3. Smoothie it


Photo by Rachel Plorko

A typical morning for a vegan foodie can include copious amounts of time spent scrolling through Pinterest weeding out all the smoothie recipes with yogurt in them. Luckily, embracing vegan yogurt can solve this problem and really bring your smoothie game to the next level. Sub in plain in place of Greek to get a bit more of a yogurt-like tang, or choose your favorite flavored variety to become a smoothie super-hero.

4. Freeze it

Photo by Caitlin Wolper

Photo by Caitlin Wolper

Frozen yogurt doesn’t have to cost tons of money. In fact, you can make a vegan version right in your own home using vegan yogurt, some sugar and an ice cream maker. Plus, you get to top it with whatever you want or have around your house and you get to choose the combos, too. That sounds pretty sweet.

While vegan yogurt may look a little wonky when you peel back the lid, once you befriend this miraculous substance it can seem a little less daunting. Vegan yogurt has the versatility of regular yogurt, with none of the harm factor. Maybe it’s time to ditch the Greek and reach for the coconut kind instead.