I’ve talked a lot about how to improve my health on this weird journey of “adulting”. I’ve never been at a point in my life when I can equally focus on the different aspects of my health. It’s always been 3 months of really intense mind work and then I’ll stop or 4 weeks of eating really clean and then I’ll stop. I’d really like to get a good balance between all aspects of my life so I did a little research and found 4 facets of my health that I want to improve.

1) Mindset Health

On the surface, it can seem like having a healthy mindset is a one-sided thing; it can be difficult to just decide to feel a certain way. As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized that sometimes I have to actively get out of a mood or funk that I’m in or it really negatively affects other parts of my life like my body, my school life, my social life etc. You can’t change your mindset in just one day; it’s something you have to consistently practice for it to become a habit. Recently I’ve taken up meditation, writing down weekly intentions (not goals) and dancing in my room every morning to wake up my body and mind.

2) Gut Health

Good gut health is very new to me. I didn’t even know your gut could be ‘unhealthy’. There are many links to good gut health throughout our body like mood, immune system, mental health, skin conditions and more. Some good gut health foods include kombucha, sauerkraut and kimchi but since I don’t really love those types of fermented foods I tried to find something that was a little bit more similar to what I already drink every day which is protein shakes. TrueFit protein powder by RSP Nutrition has over one-billion CFU probiotics and 8 grams for prebiotic fiber, which keep your gut healthy. A balanced diet of fiber, fruits and veggies is a great promoter of gut health, and TrueFit is a great on-the-go choice for a happy gut. 

3) Dental Health

As I’ve gotten older, the ‘definition’ of proper oral health has changed significantly. I only really go to my dentist for annual checkups and those are so hard to schedule because I’m at school for 9 months of the year. I found Beam Street, the ‘Drybar of oral wellness,’ on Instagram, and I am IN LOVE! 

They focus solely on whitening, cleaning and Invisalign, so there are no drills or intense procedures that give you the heebee geebees about a traditional dentist - and pricing is less expensive than other dental practice options in NYC. Plus, you can walk-in for an appointment or use their simple digital booking system.

4) Social Health

This kind of sounds weird when you first think about it, but our social interactions with others can be a big influence on our overall happiness. Taking time for yourself is extremely important for you to reset and recharge your system and your mind from daily social interactions. This might mean not going out with friends one night or eating a meal by yourself, which might seem lonely at first but it’s a great time to just sit with your thoughts and reflect on recent things that have been happening. I also like to listen to podcasts when I take time for myself, and one of my favorites is Made Visible, which shares interesting stories from people who experience or are close to those with invisible illnesses.

Whether you use these methods/focus on these areas of your health or you have your own wishes for your health, it’s important to know that your health is in your hands. Take action and live the best life that you possibly can.