Tulane. The amazing academics, personalized opportunities, and one-of-a-kind social scene are all reasons why Tulane is the college of choice for countless students. However, finding and maintaining balance can be difficult at times. In a bustling city with new foods and activities to try, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is sometimes put on the backburner. Here is a list of my suggestions to live a healthy life at Tulane while simultaneously enjoying all the activities you love.

The Reily Center

Tulane has an amazing on-campus gym full of state-of-the-art equipment. From weight training to cardio machines, mat rooms, a cycling studio, and a full-sized basketball court, the Reily Center has it all. Many of the fitness classes have enabled me to strengthen bonds with friends and meet other new students while maintaining a healthy lifestyle at Tulane. I go to the gym multiple times a week with friends for spin classes, cardio machines, and strength workouts. This has become one of my favorite parts of the day and is the perfect way to incorporate social time and movement into my schedule. If the gym is not for you, going on a walk in nearby Audubon park or around campus is another great way to exercise and spend time with friends.

Keep a Planner

I have always been extremely organized. I find that using a planner for my daily assignments, meetings, and responsibilities keeps me on track. It also helps me ensure that nothing slips my mind, which could create unneeded stress. Furthermore, I sometimes have a habit of thinking too far into the future which takes away from the present. I use my planner on a week-by-week basis to avoid getting too overwhelmed. This helps me remain calm and happy, and gives me more time to prioritize my assignments and reduce stress levels. 

Rollin’ n Bowlin’

This spot is my favorite place to eat on campus. It serves açaí bowls, smoothies, and healthy toasts in addition to protein bars, juices, and other thoughtful snacks. I love grabbing a quick bite here between classes or after workouts. It is a delicious way to satisfy my sweet tooth with a sustainable and healthy meal.

Navigating the Commons

I have definitely had some difficulty figuring out what to eat at the Commons. Some of my favorite meals include a salad with a piece of grilled chicken or a black bean burger from the grilled station. The simplified station is the hub for gluten-free food and various healthy options. The offerings are delicious, and always changing, giving students the opportunity to try new healthy foods and meals that they otherwise may not have tried. All in all, my main suggestion is to try and have a protein, carb, and vegetable or fruit at all of your meals. This is ideal for maintaining a balanced diet and very doable in the Commons.

Although many of these tips are important, the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle at Tulane or anywhere is to do what you love! I hope the above suggestions inspire you to practice a healthy lifestyle at Tulane. Finding balance can take time, but it is worth it in the end. Now that you have finished this article, it’s time to go seize the day and start implementing these ideas!