We all know the struggle of being hungry. But if you use your meal swipe now, then you won’t have it for later. Whether the stockpile of food in your dorm is running low and needs replenishing, or your schedule is jam packed and you actually won’t have time to make it back to the dining hall for dinner, check out my tips below to find out how to get your food for now and later.

Option 1:

Meal Swipe

photo by Ashley Crompton

Swipe in to Dewick or Carm right before the meal time rolls over. That means waking up a little earlier to use your breakfast swipe at 10:45 instead of rolling up at 11 and having to sacrifice a lunch swipe. One of my favorite things to do is go to Dewick during the off hours and do work upstairs. It’s super convenient because there’s a little bit of white noise and food is available whenever I want. As a bonus, I get to eat lunch on my breakfast swipe and can use my lunch swipe at Hodgdon-to-Go to stock up on groceries. #SpoonTip: Find Hodgdon hours and dollar equivalencies here.

Option 2:

Meal Swipe

Photo by Lauren Feld

You can still go to Dewick or Carm after going to the Kosher Deli as long as you go within 30 minutes. So get your sandwich and pickle, then swipe in to Dewick, eat that food, and save your sandwich for later. Get the low-down on the K-Deli here.

Option 3:

If, for whatever reason, you know that you won’t be using your dinner swipe for the day (maybe you’re going out to dinner or have a meeting during dinner hours), you can ask them to combine your dinner and lunch swipe at Hodgdon-to-Go. Combining swipes gives you about $20 to spend, so go nuts! Just be sure to ask nicely.

Option 4:

Meal Swipe

Courtesy of Michigan SpoonU

Not planning on going out on Friday or Saturday? Show up early to Late Night at the Commons and stock up on sandwiches, salads, and yogurts (of course, chicken nuggets, pizza, and fries are always options too).