Soda and other sugar-sweetened beverages are everywhere. But, frequently drinking these beverages can lead to weight gain, cavities, and even type 2 Diabetes. There are so many ways to enjoy sweet drinks without experiencing the harmful effects of sugar. I know it can be hard to resist the urge to grab your favorite soda when grocery shopping, but here are a few low-sugar or sugar-free drink alternatives to try out.

1. Zevia

This sugary soda alternative tastes great. You would never be able to tell that it's sugar-free and is only sweetened with stevia. With 14 flavors to choose from, you can easily replace your usual Dr. Pepper with their very own Dr. Zevia. Zero calorie, zero sugar, zero artificial sweetener, and all yum.

2. Steaz

This iced tea company has a whole range of great flavors to choose from, including a line of sugar-free and zero calorie flavors. These four flavors sweetened with Stevia include goji blackberry, peach mango, raspberry, and half and half, which is half green tea and half lemonade (my favorite).

3. Sparkling Ice

Not only are these naturally flavored sparkling waters sugar-free and zero calories, but they are bright and colorful as well. These drinks are sweetened with sucralose, a zero calorie artificial sweetener and what Splenda is made out of. Ice has fun flavors like pomegranate blueberry and ginger lime, but my favorites are kiwi strawberry and grapefruit.

4. Bai

These drinks have only 5 calories and 1 gram of sugar. With flavors ranging from Burundi Blueberry Lemonade to Sumatra Dragonfruit, these exotic fruit-flavored drinks are sure to excite your palette. And, they're packed with antioxidants, which help to repair cell damage, so you're actually helping your body when you grab one of these.

Next time you go grocery shopping, try reaching for one of these low-sugar and sugar-free drinks instead of a Coke or Pepsi. You'd be amazed at how good they taste, you won't even miss the sugary drinks