If you have ever viewed food-related articles on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, chances are you have already seen articles or videos published by Spoon.

Spoon university is a food and wellness website. Our content is created by university students for university students. There are 250+ campuses that have become part of Spoon and USyd will soon be a part of it! Read on to see 4 cool reasons to why Spoon @USyd might be the place for you. 

Reason 1 - You get to be part of a community of uni students from across the globe. 

The spoon community worldwide share the love for anything edible and understands the struggle with getting healthy meals. We believe in creating content that would help uni students get the best budget-friendly food. Yep even if you are running late or smashed with assignment deadlines or just lazy to get out of your bed (we all have those days)!  

Reason 2 - You gain heaps of skills as Editor, Writer, Marketer or Videographer

You read that right!

Our secret sauce platform has access to some pretty useful skills. The skills are separated based on the title - Writer, Videographer, Photographer, Editor or a Marketer. You can learn  one or all of them, it's completely up to you! (Did you know about the rule of thirds while taking a photo?) 

Reason 3 - Looks good on your CV

In Spoon you can work as an Editor, Marketer or a Videographer. You DO NOT NEED EXPERIENCE to be either of them. All we are looking for are USyd students who are big time Foodie or someone with the passion to share their tips and tricks on eating a budget-friendly healthy meal. There are LEADERSHIP  OPPORTUNITIES where you get to lead a group of 3-5 students as an Editorial , Marketing or Video Director. You will gain real-life media experience and work closely with staff from Spoon University HQ located in New York.  Things you learn from this opportunity will help you stand out from your peers when applying for your next job.

Reason 4 - A chance to get your work viewed by millions of people

As all the articles written in Spoon are created to target young-adults like yourself, you have a chance to share your work with millions of readers worldwide. 

You get to work with a brand that has partnerships with BuzzfeedFood Network, MTV and more! Many Spoon contributors have gone on to work in companies like Google, PopSugar, Food&Wine, The New York Times.

Since Spoon is comparatively new in Australia, You have the opportunity to make it known to the Australian community!

How do you join Spoon?

Apply to Spoon here: spoonuniversity.com/apply (takes 10-15 mins to fill up the form). If your application is successful you’ll be prompted to join the secret sauce platform that gives you access to super cool content. To start, you have to pay a once-off fee of 15USD (That’s around 20 AUD).

We are looking for 15-20 members to start the Spoon @USyd and hope to help uni students make their tummy happy without breaking the bank!