Welcome Week is long gone and Pizza X free breadstix day has passed, but don’t lose hope. There are still plenty of foodie adventures waiting for you on campus this September. This is the month when you go to all the callout meetings for the free food, but lemme tell you that there is more to the Btown food scene than that. Behold the Hoosier guide to campus food events in September.

1. Circle Cafe is opening at the IMU – September 9th


Photo courtesy of Rachel Meert

Circle Cafe is the IMU’s newest eatery and it features “upscale grab-and-go options”. If you want to avoid the endless airport-security–esque lines at Starbucks, you should come check this place out. The menu includes bakery finds like bagels and panini, as well as classic Starbucks coffee selections and fruit. Best part is they offer fancy AF pastries like tarts, éclairs (that’s French for freaking delicious) and cream puffs.

Circle Cafe’s grand opening on Wednesday, September 9th will have music, giveaways and prizes. It’s located next to the UPS store in IMU near the hotel entrance.

2. Big Red Eats Green festival is happening – September 10th


Photo courtesy of news.indiana.edu

IU’s Office of Sustainability will host the Big Red Eats Green Festival from 11 am to 3 pm this Thursday, September 10th on the lawn of the IU Art Museum. Stop by to learn about environmentally friendly food production, see how local businesses are operating sustainably, and get some cheap food in between classes. Grab some grub for $5 or less from local gems like Bluestone Catering, Dunn Meadow Café, Feast Bakery & Café, Laughing Planet, No Coast Reserve, Pizza X, Rainbow Bakery, Soma, Sweet Claire’s Bakery and Upland Brewer.

3. Taste of Home Cooking School is at IU Auditorium  – September 15th


Photo courtesy of iuauditorium.com

IU Auditorium is presenting Taste of Home Cooking School, a live onstage cooking show on Thursday, September 15th. Culinary experts will be doing cooking demonstrations onstage and sharing recipe tips and tricks with the audience. So if you walk past Showalter Fountain on the 15th and catch a whiff of bacon, know you’re not being delusional. You can buy tickets at the IU Auditorium Box Office or on the auditorium’s website.


GIF courtesy of giphy.com

4. E&G Bistro is having a sandwich design competition – September 16


Photo courtesy of egbistro.com/iu-bloomington/

E&G Bistro (it’s the sandwich line) is holding a sandwich design contest to create the Official IU “Big Hoosier” Sandwich. You have the power to completely design a sandwich from bread to sauce that could potentially live on at Gresh, Willkie and Wright for eternity. The deadline for entry is September 16th. The first 50 participants receive free T-shirts, the top three finalists receive a gift bag and the winner gets a free sandwich every week for the rest of the year. So. Many. Sandwiches.



Photo courtesy of egbistro.com