It's a well acknowledged fact that I am known for my somewhat controversial food opinions that often leave my friends sighing in disbelief. It's also a well acknowledged fact that me without breakfast is a) grumpy b) full of complaints and c) ready to fall asleep at any moment. Therefore, it's only natural that I have some kind of controversial breakfast opinion — and here it is: cereal is overrated.

You heard me — I'm not a cereal fan. You know those people who are obsessed with the crunch of Rice Krispies or who really live for their morning Weetabix? I'm just not one of them. Especially not at 6:30 in the morning.

1. It's full of sugar

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Heema Gokani

Okay I'm not a sugar stickler or anything (I promise) I just don't see the point in heaping unnecessary amounts of sweetener into things that just don't need it. Like cereal. I'm aware that I'm making sweeping statements, but grab a box of your average prepackaged cereal and you'll find that it's crammed full of carbs and sugars with little actual nutritional value. Not so fabulous for kickstarting your day!

2. It doesn't taste that great

Mun Ling Koh

You are lying to yourself if you think that you eat cereal for breakfast purely for the taste. You eat it because it's quick and easy or because you think it's the healthiest option or because that's why you've always done. There is no way that you eat it because you think that cereal tastes better than a bacon and/or sausage bap. 

3. There are so many other options

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Eliane Lindeque

I mean — who in their right mind would choose cereal over this delicious egg and avo toast (well, maybe if you want to buy a house)? Come on! Well, sure — cereal might be quick and easy but have you heard about overnight oats? They're grab and go and believe me, they're so much more satisfying!

4. It's so much better as a snack

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Heema Gokani

I've been told I'm weird more times than I can count for insisting that cereal is much better as a dry snack than in a bowl for breakfast. My maths teacher used to raise her eyebrows at me for eating Nougat Pillows during Mechanics revision but I had everyone else convinced that it was the best way to go.  

So next time that you're about to grab a bowl of cereal purely because you don't think that you've got any better options, think again. It's not the healthiest, not the tastiest and not the most appropriate for fuelling your morning.