Hello, Owls! First of all, welcome back returning students and congratulations to everyone that got in. It's the start of a new semester, so why not make it memorable by starting your FAU semester off with Spoon University?

Since you're reading this article, it's probably safe to assume that you're at least a little curious about this sensation called Spoon University. Let's not waste any time and jump right in.

1. It's a great way to jumpstart your career

A university like FAU is supposed to offer majors that work for you. Now, Spoon University can give you a push you in the right direction. Spoon is a great resource for Multimedia, Business, Marketing, and Writing or English majors.

Plus, it's great way to stand out among your competition. Having your work published on a major publication for all to see is a great step towards getting your resume in tip-top shape and getting experience that is actually relevant to what you want to do. 

2. You'll meet new people

Of course, part of the FAU experience is to have a social life! First off, everyone that's a part of Spoon loves food. It's practically a requirement. We have members with tastes ranging from those of us with an insatiable sweet tooth, to vegans and vegetarians, and the health conscious. Basically, every type of foodie comes together to form Spoon FAU.

3. You'll have tons of fun

Even if you're not a Multimedia or Business major, it's still tons of fun to create content and be a part of a movement. There is a joy to be felt when making a video or writing a piece for the world to see because it's a great form of self-expression. Also—and I repeat—food. Plus, if you want your college experience to consist of the best local cuisine, we know all the spots.

You'll also learn how to make delicious recipes like these Dunkaroos. Who knows, maybe you'll change your major once you get involved.

4. It'll be a brand new experience

It's a great accomplishment to have your work published online knowing the whole world can see it, whether it be an intriguing news article or a kickass cake recipe video

A great way to stand out amongst your competition is to have as much hands-on experience as you can, and Spoon University is a great opportunity to let your career take off while you're still at FAU. Plus, it's a great place to meet true blue foodies. What more could you want in a club? To join Spoon-FAU, simply click on the "Join" button on our website.