You have school, clubs, homework and of course you have to eat, but there is one more thing that can make your year even better. Come join Truman State University's chapter of Spoon University!

Spoon is a writing, media, food, and wellness publication for college students by college students and let me tell you, its even better than it sounds.

1) You will get to talk about food

What is better than talking about food? I dream of food in my everyday life, when I'm in class or at the gym, im thinking about what im gonna be eating later. If this is you, then Spoon is the right place for you.

By joining Spoon you get to experiment and taste every food you have ever wanted. Have you ever had a crazy idea about food that you’re just dying to think through, or a recipe that has been calling your name? Spoon gives you the opportunity to try it out and share it with the world. We want to hear your ideas.

2) You get to put your voice out there

Spoon allows you the space and creativity to put your voice out there! Whether its through videos, Instagram, Facebook or your writing, Spoon gives you the opportunity to write about whatever your heart desires and to share it with the world! With the 250+ campuses and Spoon’s many viewers, your voice will no doubt be heard.

We want you to write with your voice, your individual loud, ambitious voice. What do you have to say about food and wellness? What is the best remedy for being sick? What’s your favorite on campus meal? What is up with the rainbow/unicorn food trend? All these burning questions you have are there for you to explore. A little help from us and you’re on your way to being a great writer or content creator!

milk, Frappuccino, Unicorn Frappuccino, cold drink, coffee, Unicorn, pink and blue, Starbucks
Shelby Cohron

3) You get to meet amazing people

Spoon fosters an amazing community of people who just adore food and want to talk about it. You will meet an enthusiastic team of people who are passionate about what you are passionate about. 

Chapter meetings, chill and delicious Spoon events on campus and creating new pieces of content allow a space for collaboration and the highest amount of fun. Create an article and collaborate with someone from the media department to create an exciting article AND video reaching thousands of people! 

There is nothing better than new food friends. 

pregame, Friends, gathering
Jiamo Li

4) It improves your writing skills and communication skills

Spoon offers you great opportunities to expand your skill set. Learning new skills and gaining real hands on, IRL experiences is what Spoon is all about. 

Learn how to organize events, create interesting and compelling content, create Spoon videos and photos and most important of all become a part of an excited and dedicated chapter!

There is no need for prior experience. You just need the love and passion for food and wellness and you're good to go!

Come join Spoon at Truman State University and become a part of the most amazing and crazy team of creatives around.