I don't think pasta gets enough recognition for being the coolest dorm room meal. This filling, versatile, and nutrient packed food is perfect for late night studying or a quick meal in between classes- what more could a student ask for? I put together my top pasta recipes and tips below so you can make the most out of your dorm days and get fancy with your food!

The Pasta

Cooking without a stovetop can be a challenge, but it doesn't have to stop you from getting that perfect al dente pasta! This year, I invested in an electric water kettle, and let me tell you, my life has changed forever. It boils water in just a few minutes, and it's so easy to cook your pasta with. Talk about a game changer!

This next #spoontip may be a little sketchy... but I can confirm it works like a charm! Fill a microwavable bowl with pasta, and pour in water just until all of the noodles are covered. Microwave for about 8 minutes, but be sure to check on the pasta regularly. When done, drain the excess water and enjoy!

Finally, the practical tip. You're in college, you want noodles, and life gets busy. Grab some of these pre-cooked pasta packs, put it in the microwave for a minute, and get on with your day!

My Favorite Pasta Recipes

Avocado Pesto Pasta

Making this pesto is super simple, and no kitchen is needed. Mash one avocado with a handful of chopped basil, lemon juice, garlic powder, salt, pepper, and some milk and you're all set! No need for measurements in this recipe- it's all up to what you like.

Squash/Sweet Potato Pasta

Whether you use pumpkin, sweet potato, or butternut squash as the base, this recipe is super simple and delish! Combine 1/2 cup cooked and mashed squash or sweet potato, 1/4 nutritional yeast, 1/4 cup milk, 1/8 cup tahini (optional), garlic powder, paprika, salt, and pepper to taste. Heat up the mixture in a microwave and pour over pasta of choice.

Homemade SpaghettiOs

This recipe is guaranteed to hit the spot and tastes just like those little O's from your childhood- but better! Grab 1/2 cup plain tomato purée, 1/4 cup nutritional yeast, 1 tablespoon of milk, and garlic powder, onion powder, salt, paprika, and sweetener to taste. Heat the mixture and add to your pasta.

#spoontip: use ditalini or anelli pasta to get the full Spaghettio experience!

Pasta Salad

For those 90 degree days on campus when you still crave pasta but don't want to eat something hotter than the temperate outside- pasta salad is the meal for you! Grab some tri-color pasta, red peppers, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, olives, avocado, and Italian dressing and you're all set! You can add what you have and leave out what you don't.

#spoontip: top with everything but the bagel seasoning or Italian seasoning!

Now that you know some staple recipes, plug in that microwave or electric kettle and voila- you're a chef without a kitchen! Welcome to the club, we eat a lot of pasta.