With winter quarter midterms in full swing, it’s easy to get discouraged by all of the things on your to-do list. The exceptionally foggy weather and rain has not been helping either.

But worry not Huskies! We’ve created a short list to help you get out of bed and ready yourself for a night of studying in Ode (or maybe until 10 p.m. because, let’s be honest, watching Netflix is also a priority).

1. Grab a latte at the Ugly Mug Café and Coffee Roaster


Photo courtesy of @livemidori on Instagram

Whether you’re ordering your usual soy latte or want to change things up with their lavender chai, Ugly Mug is the perfect stop to get homework done and recharge with a caffeine fix. Their small space and mellow playlists make for a quaint environment away from campus.

2. Enjoy a pot of tea while studying at Tea Republik


Photo courtesy of @blou02 on Instagram

If coffee is not how you get your caffeine buzz, then definitely check out Tea Republik. Their variety can satisfy anyone’s tea preferences and warm your soul as you stare into the abyss that is your open textbooks.

3. Wake up your senses with a Spicy Miso Ramen Bowl from Samurai Noodle


Photo courtesy of @thestreetkat on Instagram

The mix of rain and stress always results in this time of year being the cold season. Whether the congestion is stuck in your chest or your brain from all of the studying you’ve been doing, clear everything with one of Samurai’s new dishes.

4. Take a nap in front of the HUB fireplaces


Photo courtesy of @hubatuw on Instagram

Don’t lie, we’ve all fallen asleep somewhere on campus. But if you haven’t tried the lobby of the HUB, you’re missing out. Placed perfectly above the main food court on campus, it provides a warm and comfortable spot to snoozy as the food coma from lunch comes over you.