Panera Bread has something for everyone, regardless of dietary restrictions. And with the inclusion of Panera vegan bagels it's possible to eat the way you want at this restaurant any time of day. And is there any breakfast food better than a bagel?

Any carb-lover will tell you no—it's a hunk of delicious, toasty bread for breakfast. If you're really jonesing for a bagel, you can get one at Panera without sacrificing your vegan diet. The restaurant offers plenty of bagels without animal products, and plenty of substitutions for their regular fare.

I'm not even vegan, but this list can definitely come in handy, no matter what your diet is. If there's an option to avoid hurting an animal, I generally take it, and these bagels make that decision a whole lot easier. You won't even miss the cream cheese.

1. Everything Bagel

The everything bagel has somewhat of a cult following in the foodie world: every good bagel shop has one, and the worst ones leave them off their menu. People always want to learn how to make their own everything bagel, and Trader Joe's is even selling "everything bagel seasoning."

The basic components of an everything bagel include poppy seeds, sesame seeds, garlic powder, and onion powder. No eggs, no meat, no milk here! Who says you can't have a classic comfort food on a vegan diet?

Go ahead and toast it if you want, but just be warned, Panera uses the same kitchen space for vegan and non-vegan items, so there's no guarantee of freedom from cross-contamination.

2. Sesame Bagel

If you don't want all the toppings that go on the everything bagel but still want a little bit of crunch, the sesame bagel might be more your speed. Panera vegan bagels are anything but boring, and the sesame seeds will add a toasty, nutty flavor to your breakfast.

If you're looking for a more substantial breakfast, go ahead and make some swaps to one of Panera's breakfast sandwiches, like their "breakfast power sandwich." Axe the cheese, turkey sausage, and egg whites, and add some extras like avocado, spinach, and tomatoes.

With these swaps, you get plenty of healthy fats and a nutritious breakfast that's less than 350 calories. With a breakfast like this, you'll wish it was Meatless Monday all week!

3. Blueberry Bagel

Looking for something a little sweeter for breakfast? Panera vegan bagels include a delish blueberry variety, perfect for these last days of summer. According to the online menu, the blueberry bagel is made with both wild and cultured blueberries. Double the fruit, double the fun, right?

Whether you toast it or eat it plain, you can't go wrong with a blueberry bagel from Panera. You can order it from the bakery with preserves, but be careful here. The online ordering system doesn't exactly specify what's in the preserves, so some animal products could easily be snuck in.

Grab one of these bagels in the winter to remind you of sunnier days. Or you could go pick one up during July, which just so happens to be National Blueberry Month.

4. Plain Bagel

The OG Panera vegan bagel rounds out this list. Without any fancy frills or toppings, this bagel is completely animal- and cruelty-free. If something is already perfect, why mess with it, right?

If this is a lil too plain for you, you can definitely make substitutions and additions to this breakfast classic. Fun fact: nearly all peanut butter is vegan, so go ahead and order a side of PB with this bagel.

If you want something completely different on the side, the neutral flavor of this bagel makes it a perfect pairing with Panera's summer fruit cup and watermelon fruit cup.

Overall, this list really depends on how strictly you're willing to follow a vegan diet. Some of the other bagels on the Panera menu, like the whole grain bagel and the sprouted grain bagel flat, don't have any meat or dairy, but do contain honey.

A lot of people in the vegan community debate whether or not honey counts as a "vegan food," as honey comes from bees. If you think honey is okay, go ahead and feel free to order these menu faves.

But if you're looking for the 100%, real deal Panera vegan bagels, go ahead and choose from these four options. The selection might seem small, but the flavors here are so big you won't even think about the rest of the menu.