Monsanto, an unfortunate 500 company, with over 20,000 employees, is committed to feeding the world, without harming it… hmm. You may also know them as one of the most dangerous companies in the world.

They’re responsible for developing the controversial genetically modified organism (GMO). Monsanto has created GM seeds that withstand their toxic pesticides. This means that a farmer can spray gallons of pesticides on their farm, killing all but their crop. But don’t worry, because they’re “preserving our world’s natural resources”… or so they say.

They cause “Super Weeds”

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Yes, it’s as scary as it sounds. Monsanto has brainwashed farmers across the country, promising them less weeds, work, and money spent. After years and years of spraying toxic pesticides, one weed became resistant and reproduced. Alas, the “Super Weed” was born.

These weeds can grow taller than the average person and, worst of all, they hog all of those important nutrients that a crop needs to grow big ‘n strong. So, what does Monsanto do to solve this problem you ask? They create stronger pesticides. By using and relying on this enhanced pesticide, we’re just repeating the same mistake all over again.

They Kill Bees

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The beauty of the GM seed is that pesticides become a part of the crop. After the bees pollinate that crop, they carry the pesticides into their hives and store it away, unknowingly killing their future generations. Why do we care? Because without bees, we won’t have food. It’s as simple as that.

They cause dead zones

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I bet you’re wondering what happens to the gallons of pesticides when it rains. The nitrogen from the pesticides runs off into surrounding bodies of water. This excess nitrogen in the water causes low oxygen, ultimately killing all aquatic life. You know that seafood we all love? Well, it won’t be around much longer. Thank you, Monsanto.

They give us diseases

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It would only make sense that these GM seeds and pesticides are affecting us, as well. When we go to the grocery store and buy various fruits and vegetables, we are most likely buying chemically soaked produce. What does that mean for us? Studies have proven a connection exists between GMOs/pesticides and cancers, autism, diabetes, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and even Parkinson’s disease. This is what we get for trying to be healthy. Faaa real, Monsanto?