People who know me well are certain to also know of my obsession with Greek yogurts. Imagine my excitement when I walked into a supermarket in Perth, Australia to find a fully stocked aisle of yogurts with multiple different brands that I had never tried before. Of course I had to give some of them a try, and here’s my take on their best qualities and how to enjoy them.

Farmers Union Yoghurt

Greek yogurts

Photo courtesy of Farmers Union Yoghurt

The first thing I noticed about Farmers Union Greek Style Natural Yoghurt was that it was thick and super creamy when I dug my spoon into it. But the best quality of this yogurt is its tart and refreshing taste. Although it would be just as good eaten with fruits or sweet foods, it would be great eaten with savory foods as a dressing or dip.

Brownes Dairy

Greek yogurts

Photo courtesy of @clairetolls on Instagram

Brownes All Natural Greek Style Yoghurt was also very thick and creamy but compared to that of Farmers Union, it did not have as much of a tart taste and had slightly sweeter undertones. This yogurt would pair perfectly with some fresh fruit and granola for a yogurt parfait, or eaten as is with some jam or honey of your choice.

Jalna Pot Set Yoghourt

Greek yogurts

Photo courtesy of Jalna Pot Set Yoghourt on Facebook

The minute I open a jar of Jalna Pot Set Greek Natural Yoghourt, I was impressed with its consistency and could not believe how a Greek yogurt could get any thicker. It was very rich and soft and when you scooped out a spoonful it would not fall off your spoon. This one would be excellent on top of pancakes or waffles for breakfast, or with a slice of your favorite fresh-out-of-the-oven pie.

The Margaret River Dairy Company

Greek yogurts

Photo courtesy of The Margaret River Dairy Company on Facebook

The Margaret River Dairy Company Yoghurt, though not specifically sold as Greek-style yogurt, had a consistency that was basically that of one. It was very indulgent and velvety and I thought I was eating a pudding. With many different flavors satisfying many tastes such as vanilla bean, caramelized pear, mixed berry, and others, this yogurt can be enjoyed on its own as a gourmet dessert.

All four of the different brands of yogurt I tried were great in their own way. Give them all a try and let me know how you enjoyed them.