It's finals time, and you know what that means, taking endless trips to the library, sleeping with your eyes open, and only eating ramen noodles. I totally understand it's hard to find that inspiration to conquer those papers and tests; have no fear because our gal Giada De Laurentiis is not only the boss at cooking, but she also gives pretty good advice too! I mean, c'mon, its Giada De Laurentiis, you know you can trust her. Molto bene! 

"Food brings people together on many different levels. It's nourishment of the soul and body; it's truly love."

Food may not be your number one priority right now. However, like Giada De Laurentiis says, food gives you the nourishment to be energized throughout the day. Try snacking every hour on fruits or granola bars, rather than resorting to potato chips. Or, have a big breakfast filled with healthy carbs and protein!

"I'm most comfortable in T-shirts, but they have to have some style to them."

Sure, pajamas can be so tempting, but don't get too comfortable. Wearing sweats or not feeling like dressing up can alter your mood, and trick yourself to be more in a relaxed state rather than study mode. Try pairing some jeans with a sweater, you'll feel more productive and awake to tackle all your work. 

"Parisians take their work quite seriously, but they take their enjoyment of the little moments just as seriously."

Of course, finals weigh heavy on your grade. That's a fact. But, don't let these thoughts ruin the end of a great semester. Find time for yourself and friends to relax. Go for a walk or throw a dinner party. Trust me, clearing your mind is a necessity.

"Opportunities present themselves and you have to enjoy the ride. All of us get so worried about the next step that we don't enjoy the moment we're in right now."

Most importantly, your final grades don't define who you are. You are so close to the finish line that you have no excuses to give up! Stay relaxed, nourished, and well rested. A positive attitude is an equation for success.

 Buona fortuna!