A wise man once said, “If no one understands you, chocolate will.” Ain’t that the truth. Chocolate is always there for you. Everyone is aware of the sweet sensation of chocolate-covered strawberries. But heck, why should we stop there? Did you know there are more food products out there that become heavenly and addictive once dunked in a bucket of rich chocolate? You didn’t? Well, now you’re going to learn about a few.


chocolate covered-1

Photo by Kelly Redfield

You heard me right. This crispy strip of meat can go from “I love bacon” to “I’d DIE for bacon” in the matter of seconds once it is covered in chocolate. All it takes is pulling out those sizzling bacon strips from the oven, dunking them in chocolate and realizing breakfast will never be the same again. You’re welcome.

Potato Chips

chocolate covered-4

Photo by Kelly Redfield

Ever start eating a bag of chips and realize you can’t stop? Well, here’s a trick to make the stopping process 10x harder: milk chocolate. In an instant, your ordinary bag of chips can become the world’s best sweet-and-salty treat. Just grab a bag of Ruffles, submerge all the chips fully into melted chocolate and there you have it. Move along can of Pringles, a new addicting stack of chips has just been born.


chocolate covered-2

Photo by Kelly Redfield

If you are looking for a healthier treat to indulge in after dinner, look no further. Pineapples are a perfect way to switch up your classic chocolate-covered strawberry. Predictability bores your taste buds. So, change up your fruits and start dunking small pieces of pineapple in large sums of chocolate. That counts as healthy, right? And don’t stop there. Try covering cherries, kiwis or oranges in chocolate if pineapple doesn’t suit your fancy.


chocolate covered-5

Photo by Kelly Redfield

Fried beer is so last year. It’s time to take America’s favorite drink and let it be united with a new love: chocolate. All this recipe takes is a cup of stout beer and 8 ounces of 60% cacao chocolate.

Prep Time: none
Cook Time: 6-8 minutes
Total Time: 6-8 minutes

Servings: One. Sharing is overrated.


1 cup stout beer
8 oz 60% cacao chocolate


1. Heat the beer on high till about 1/2 cup liquid remains.
2. Break up the chocolate bar into chunks and add to the beer. Stir until smooth, cool it to room temperature and cover in the refrigerator for about two hours.
3. Feel free to scoop out the beer-tastic chocolate and roll it into small balls.

Now that you have been taught about a few new chocolate-covered treats, it’s time to try it out for yourself. With open arms, welcome this new food group, and consider it your duty to incorporate it into your diet!