After a week of drinking, partying and eating, your body can really start to feel the post-vacay strain. Here are four foods that can internally cleanse your body so that you’re ready to get back to school.

1. Whole Grains

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Whole grains can be found in cereal, bread and pasta, which makes it really easy to add them into a meal or two every day. Whole grains are high in insoluble fiber (meaning its not easily removed from the body). The fiber you ingest keeps you regular and prevents bloating, even when bikini season is over for some time!

2. Green Tea

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Green tea is the best fluid to drink during a detox because it has lots of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It cleanses the liver and increases the production of detox enzymes (its a super drink!).

3. Fresh Fruits

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Fruits are full of natural juices which automatically help to flush out unwanted materials in the body. They are also high in antioxidants and Vitamin C, which can get rid of free radicals and boost your immune system. Citrus fruits like lemons, oranges and limes are especially good for you because they’re super high in vitamin C which can turn toxins into digestible materials to easily remove them. Drinking a glass of lemon water every morning can do wonders for you.

4. Dark Leafy Greens

Photo by Hanna Hart

Dark greens like spinach, kale and chard can boost your chlorophyll levels (it’s not just for plants) in your digestive tract which can help your body get rid of toxins that are present in the environment and can harm your body. You can add greens into your diet really easily by eating salads or just sautéing them and eating them as a side dish with a meal.