Everyone loves Valentine’s Day, whether they want to admit it or not. Whether you love someone, or you love the newly stocked candy aisle at CVS, you can’t deny that V-Day makes you feel a little warm inside. Obviously, though, more important than the holiday itself is the gifting. It’s way too easy to be boring and basic (here’s a card and a box of chocolates), but this year you can and will take your V-Day gift to the next level.

As America’s foodie population (and average waist circumference) grows, we are searching for more and more ways to satisfy our tastebuds without too much effort. The trend of online food subscriptions is doing just that. Whether you’re treating your fave guy, girl, or galentine, these 4 food subscription services are sure to steal their heart.

1. Mouth


Photo courtesy of Mouth from mouth.com

Mouth dedicates itself to providing indie foods made in small batches. Ranging from $36.50 to $65 a month, the subscription prices are a bit steeper than the others, but the unique flavors are well worth it. You can pick one of 16 subscriptions, so whether your significant other is a bacon believer or a cocktail connoisseur they are in for a treat.

If you aren’t looking to support your lovers cravings on a monthly basis, then Mouth has perfect one-time purchase Valentine’s Day packages, which can be pre-ordered and delivered on the special day itself.

2. Love With Food


Photo courtesy of Love With Food from facebook.com

If the idea of Valentine’s Day-themed treats sounded nice, but your lover’s palate isn’t quite so mature, then Love With Food may be the perfect option. Love With Food offers a Valentine’s Day special box with all sorts of sweet snacks from well-known brands that are sure to please all.

Once your significant other gobbles up the V-Day treats, they will be greeted with a new box of goodies every month for a cost ranging from $8 to $20. Oh, and every month you continue to keep your boo thang subscribed, a meal is donated to a food bank. Eat good, feel good.

3. Graze


Photo courtesy of Graze from facebook.com

Similar to Love With Food, Graze is a service that delivers boxes of snacks either weekly or biweekly for prices ranging from $7 to $25. While they don’t have a special Valentine’s Day box, the healthy, sweet treats are just as sure to satisfy. Graze is dedicated to getting their tasty treats from small suppliers to ensure quality ingredients.

Once your girlfriend/boyfriend decides which snacks they liked best, they can go back onto Graze’s website and rank them so that their next box is tailored towards their taste. Also, the first box is free, so there’s that.

4. Freshology


Photo courtesy of Freshology from facebook.com

If you and your bae are still going strong on New Year’s Resolutions, then this upscale option might just be perfect. A little different than the previously mentioned subscription sites, Freshology offers delivery of top-notch meals that arrive fully prepared.

Upon signing up for Freshology’s service, you choose from a weight loss menu, a fitness menu, or a dietary restrictive menu and receive deliveries twice a week, providing enough food for you and yours truly to make three meals a day plus one snack for 5-7 days of the week. If having spiced coffee yogurt for breakfast and shrimp-crusted barramundi for dinner sounds appealing, then you have to snag this deal.