Recently, essential oils have become very popular. They are a natural way to support your body. Many people use essential oils regularly to promote good vibes and self-care. I decided to do some further research on essential oils to come up with a list of the four essential oils that you should be using on a daily basis (and trust me when I say you need these asap). 

1. Peppermint Oil

Known for its properties to support digestive issues and regulate your digestion, peppermint oil also might be helpful relieving headaches. The most effective way to use this oil is to put 2-3 drops in your hands, rub together, and then pat the oil onto your temples and under your nose a bit so you can smell the peppermint. 

If you're looking to regulate your digestion, put two drops of peppermint oil in a full glass of water, preferably 16 ounces, and drink that before your first meal of the day.

Peppermint oil also works really well to relieve congestion and open up your sinuses, making a drop of it under your nose or a few drops in a diffuser perfect for allergy and flu season. 

#SpoonTip: Get essential oils that are 100% pure so that you can drop them into your drinks! *We do not suggest drinking oils that have been cut with other substances. Always check the brand of your essential oils to make sure that they are edible.* 

2. Orange Oil

Orange oil is known for boosting your concentration. It is perfect to diffuse a few drops (3-4) right after school or work in your study or work space. This will help you concentrate on whatever work you need to get done after a long day when all you feel like doing is sleeping. 

3. DōTERRA OnGuard Oil Blend

Right after you get home, diffuse 4-5 drops of DōTERRA OnGuard Blend for about an hour. This oil is perfect for eliminating pathogens in the air and controlling germs, which helps to strengthen and boost your immune system. Doterra's oil blend is a must-have for when flu season rolls around. 

4. Lavender Oil

Put five drops of lavender oil in 5 ounces of water in a spray bottle and mist it on your pillow every night before bed. This will help you calm down after a long, stressful day and aid you in falling asleep faster. Also, if you are feeling a bit stressed out during the day, take two drops on your wrists and rub them together and smell it. Lavender oil is excellent at helping you decompress.

Essential oils can help you calm down after a long day and wake you up during the day. There's one for everyone, and I think by now you realize that these oils are most definitely essential to your daily life.