It’s that time of year again where we’ve all lost track of the school days and have our countdown apps all set on one thing: spring break. Possibly the most important holiday for college kids, it’s a week of booze and beaches with the people you love.

It’s basically the one week of the year where it’s socially acceptable to drink at every meal (and between meals). That being said, the struggle is real because how are we supposed to look good in a bathing suit while eating and drinking our way through the entire week.

Believe it or not, you can still look your best while staying healthy and drinking to your heart’s content. Here’s what you should be eating in order to look and feel your best on Spring Break.



Photo by Torey Walsh

If you’re planning on drinking to excess, as you should be on SB, your body needs hella protein. Protein is ideal for controlling your blood alcohol levels, and it’ll also help you control your cravings so that your drunchies don’t get the best of you.

In order to get the protein you need while still avoiding the food baby, stick to the basics. Eat some Greek yogurt or egg whites; they’re both filling and light enough so that you won’t feel bloated, but both will give you the substance you need in order to take that next tequila shot.



Photo by Samantha Thayer

If you haven’t learned from past experiences, you can trust me on this one: don’t booze on an empty stomach. Although it’d be ideal to look our best after eating a double cheeseburger, that may not always be the case. However, we need food in order to survive this week of alcoholism.

You can beat the bloat by staying away from foods high in carbs and instead try some clean eating. Avocado is not only extremely filling, but also doesn’t have enough volume to make you look bloated. Try a side of avocado rather than bread and see the wonders that it’ll do for your beach bod.



Photo by Haliana Burhans

If you’re anything like me, a day at the beach isn’t complete without an excess of snacks. My advice for maintaining that fresh spring break bod is to avoid salty foods. Salt makes you retain water, which adds water weight and leaves you feeling puffy and bloated. Although salt is dank, it may not be the ideal snack for a week at the beach. Ditch the chips and stick to veggies, specifically cucumbers, to keep you fit ‘n fab.



Photo by Danielle Gervais

Drink water. The #majorkey to avoid sporting the bloated look is by staying hydrated. Stay away from carbonation, because the fizz in these drinks can make you retain gas and look more full.

Most carbonated drinks are also extremely high in sugar, which will only make the morning after that much harder. Drink lots of water throughout the day – if the plain old stuff gets boring, try these delicious infused waters to perk up your palate.

Happy spring break – drink up and drink responsibly.