It is the busy exam period and the only thing stopping you from spending a week up in the mountains going skiing or by the beach are the exams. We wish the time could go faster but unfortunately, it will feel the slowest when we want just the opposite. So why not enjoy the last few weeks with some delicious meals that could help you through STUVAC and the exam period. Here are four easy meals to prepare that take less than 10 mins 

Meal 1 - Rice and any protein

I'm not talking about the regular white rice here. Microwavable rice cans are delicious, healthy and easy to prepare (chuck it in the microwave for 40 sec to 1 min and voila, it's ready!) Personally, my favourite is the brown rice and quinoa. One pack contains 2 bowls, and one bowl is sufficient for a meal (read the label carefully as it might have some allergen).

For protein, enjoy the convenient yet still reasonably healthy tuna cans or the sachets (look for sustainable-sourced options). You can also change it up with some herbed or roasted chicken. For vegetarian options, you can add some baked beans or veggies. To be honest, the rice is so yummy that it can go with anything! 

Meal 2 - Microwaved pasta

The pasta cooked in the microwave may not be the 5-star level pasta you would expect in the restaurant, but I promise a few tries can get you close to there (and it is a super easy meal to prepare). 

Steps for microwaved pasta: 

Step 1. Boil water and pour it over the pasta (the amount of water should be enough to dip the entire pasta). Add salt to help it cook faster. 

Step 2. Cover the lid and put it in the microwave for 8 mins (the time will vary depending on the power of the microwave)

Steps 3. Once cooked, drain the water and add sauce of your choice. Add cheese or choice of protein (refer to option 1) and microwave for another 2-3 mins. 

Step 4. Let it cool down a bit and ENJOY

*Tips: Also try instant noodles for faster cooking time and convenient seasoning! Make it a more nutritious meal by adding some salad greens (conveniently sold in bags) as well.

Meal 3 - Poached eggs and bread

Here's a video on a super easy way to make poached in the microwave. I like to add some herb salt instead of the regular salt and oooh it's delicious! Once cooked, place it over some bread of your choice. You could add tomatoes or avocado on the bread too to mix it up a bit. In the masterchef mood? Try some hollandaise sauce and there you have a proper brunch! 

Meal 4 - Wrap

A wrap is a popular snack/meal for a lot of us, and it is so easy and quick to prepare (literally 2 mins). All you need is a wrap, lettuce (spinach and rocket mix is delicious), meat (refer to protein option of meal 1) and or vegetables and a sauce of your choice (optional). Below is an instructional gif to fold the wrap :p 

Hope these super easy meals will help you guys as much as it has helped me and ALL THE BEST WITH YOUR EXAMS!

Just remember...