Boom! Snap! Crackle! Sizzle! Pop! It's almost that time of year. While most states still ban large aerial fireworks for commercial use, there are other ways to make sure your Fourth of July celebration is #lit. These four fabulous red, white, and blue inspired desserts will bring your Fourth of July picnic to life! They're festive, easy to make, and super yummy. So check em' out. 

1. Firecracker Cookie

It really is ~a party in the U.S.A~ with these cookies, so get ready, put your hands up and let those butterflies fly away. C'mon, you know the song. Seriously though, the pop rock topping on these cookies will leave your taste buds dancing. All you need to do is take your classic sugar cookie and top it with vanilla buttercream frosting and add a sprinkling of red and blue pop rocks. Ba bam!

2. Red, White, and Blue Yogurt Popsicles

These berry yogurt pops are a refreshing treat and the perfect way to cool down from the hot July sun. This tasty treat only requires three ingredients and very little time in the freezer. You just add vanilla yogurt, strawberries, and blueberries (or really any fruit of your choosing) to a small cup (placing the cup in a muffin tin will help it stay upright). Wedge a popsicle stick in the center and pop it in the freezer overnight. Ta-da -- you have a delicious and healthy snack to munch on, it doesn't get much better than this. 

3. Sparkling Patriotic Sangria

For all the adults out there craving a Fourth of July filled with red, white, and booze, this is the perfect drink for you! To start, grab some fresh fruit -- to stick with the theme, I recommend berries for the red and blue and granny smith apples for the white. Then all you need is white wine and apple juice. After stirring together and setting aside to chill, pour in some champagne, ice, and you're ready to serve! This sweet cocktail will add a little extra sparkle to your party. 

4. Red, White, and Blue Brownie Pizza

Pizza for dessert? Say what? This "pizza" is really just one large spread out brownie topped with cream cheese frosting (whip cream could be good, too), strawberries, and blueberries. It's the perfect dessert for a large group of kids because it's easy to eat and serves at least eight people. If you arrange the fruit just right, it can even look like an American flag -- fancy AF. However, any way you slice it, it's bound to be delicious. 

With these four bangin' drinks and desserts, your Independence Day is sure to be a showstopper! So, whip up some of your favorite tasty treats, kick off your flip flops, and let the good times roll.