Body image has increasingly become a pressing issue facing our society. Both men and women lack self confidence, and many times this lack of self confidence leads to unhealthy life choices, especially when people are trying to lose weight.

Trying to lose weight can be a daunting path because of weight loss methods like supplements and laxatives. Fortunately, some of our Hollywood favorites have given us a great example as to how they have lost weight the healthy way. Check out the advice that these four celebrities followed to become a better version of themselves in the healthiest of ways.

1. Jonah Hill


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The comedian turned into a hunk after he shed massive weight in a mere two months. Hill debuted his new look after filming Moneyball when he realized he could get better roles in films if he slimmed down.

He found a nutritionist and personal trainer to make his weight loss journey systematic. His nutrition expert had him eating fruits, veggies, lean protein, whole grains, and low fat dairy products. He also incorporated a Japanese eating routine and added plenty of sushi to his diet. Hill also eliminated alcohol from from his diet, even though he admits that beer is his weakness.

He also mentions that exercise is key; eating healthy with regular exercise is a weight loss package. Hill began with light workouts, such as jogging, sit-ups, and push-ups. The workouts gradually became easier for him, and helped speed up his metabolism.

Within a few days of starting his routine, he saw results and got a huge boost of self confidence as a reward. He has also been cast in more prestigious films recently, such as The Wolf of Wall Street and True Story.

2. John Goodman


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John Goodman’s loss of 100 pounds has been a long time coming, and even though it didn’t happen overnight, it was a process that was worth-while. Goodman has been open about his ups and downs with his weight, and in 2011, he admitted to the world that he was pushing 400 pounds. He claims he wanted to live life better so he slowly changed his habits.

Goodman took his first big step when he stopped drinking alcohol, just like Hill did. Mackie Shilstone, his fitness guru, also introduced him to a Mediterranean-style eating plan which is one that heavily consists of fish, nuts, olive oil, vegetables and fruit.

Shilstone told Goodman he needed to take 10,000 to 12,000 steps a day as his exercise, making the elliptical and the treadmill a huge factor in his transformation. “You have to really want to do it,” Goodman said, and though it’s hard to point at a specific time and realize you’re ready, it takes strategic planning.

3. Jennifer Hudson


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Jennifer Hudson went from a size 16 to a size 6 in a healthy way. She looks great, she feels great and lost the weight through a balanced diet and exercise with celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak.

Hudson exclaimed, “It’s not a diet. It’s really a way of living that teaches you better skills. This is for the normal person who wants to look better or feel better, but who still wants to indulge a little bit. For years I felt like I could never have ice cream, but I can eat ice cream occasionally now.”

The actress is mostly known for dropping her 80 pounds while she was a spokeswoman for Weight Watchers from 2010 to 2014. But, she not only followed the Weight Watchers diet routine, she also followed a unique exercise routine when she hired Harley Pasternak as her personal trainer.

Pasternak started the Oscar winner off with a 25-minute circuit-training routine of cardio, lunges, shoulder presses, and ab exercises five days a week. Hudson eventually worked her way up to 50-minute routines with an additional 25 minutes of cardio in her workout routines.

4. Kirstie Alley


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Kirstie Alley was lucky enough to be exposed to Hollywood’s best kept weight loss secret: Dancing With The Stars. Instead of doing sit-ups and push-ups, Alley lost weight by doing the cha-cha and the tango. Alley shaved an amazing 100 pounds during her journey on the show and even finished in second place on Season 12 of the reality series.

After her time on Dancing With The Stars was over, Alley knew she needed to keep off the huge amount she had just lost. She became a spokeswoman for Jenny Craig from 2005 to 2008, before she lost all the weight. She kept the weight off by rejoining and representing this diet program again in April 2014, and has kept her slim figure since then.