I’m gonna be reeeeeeally nice and spare you the gruesome details of how many calories are in that drink of yours (because trust me, you really don’t wanna know). I will, however, share some other options that are well-known and loved by all, but pack some extra benefits besides just tasting really good.

Here’s a list of 4 drinks that knock out your daily serving of fruit so you can put your mind (and your diet) at ease:

1. Sangria

daily serving of fruit

Photo by Kelly Redfield

There’s basically more fruit than alcohol in your average sangria. Better yet, the fruit is almost always mouthwateringly boozy after being soaked in wine for a solid couple of hours. After draining your drink and eating the fruit, there’s no way you’re gonna feel guilty, but you’ll probably feel tipsy. Check out these sangria tips.

2. Mojito

daily serving of fruit

Photo by Vedika Luthra

Put a spin on the traditional drink by adding raspberries, mint, and lime in the mix. This is perfect for the summer when temps are rising and fruit is high in stock at every grocery store. The refreshing aftertaste of a mojito will distract you enough that you’ll forget that what you’re drinking could possibly be bad for you (but it’s not…because there’s fruit…).

3. Margarita

daily serving of fruit

Photo by Lauren Kaplan

Thumbs up for margaritas and a double thumbs up for watermelon margaritas. If the thought of a nice, cold marg wasn’t refreshing enough, adding half of a watermelon is almost saliva-enducing. With only four ingredients needed to make some margaritas, it could be considered the easiest, healthiest, of drinks (but you should be the judge of that.)

4. Fruit Cocktail 

daily serving of fruit

Photo by Mira Nguyen

Go in your kitchen, grab all the fruit in your fridge, take the vodka out of the cupboard, throw it into a shaker, and you’ve just made yourself a fruit cocktail.  There’s a little bit more to this drink, but there’s a huge emphasis on the “all the fruit in your fridge” because that’s really how much is put into this drink.

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