Food trucks have been around for quite some time now, but with the rise of social media, food trucks can now tell us exactly where they will be and at what time. The idea of using Twitter as a communication source has allowed restaurants to gain followers in an array of ways: online and in-person.

Tucson is home to over 50 different food trucks ranging in every food culture you could imagine. One great thing about Tucson is their food truck roundup that takes place every week. Over five different food trucks gather together for a few hours and it’s awesome. Check out my four favorite food trucks here in Tucson.

1. Fat Noodle


Photo courtesy of Fat Noodle Facebook

This food truck is usually located outside one of Tucson’s many bars and breweries. Their menu consists of the ramen burger, hot ramen, and honestly, just oodles of noodles. Their ramen burger is hands down a winner at this place. Also, pairing a beer with some hot ramen is actually pretty good.

2. Nhu Lan Vietnamese


Photo courtesy of Nhu Lan Vietnamese Food Truck Facebook

Before trying this place, I wasn’t much of a fan of Vietnamese food, but that has changed. This food truck cooks Vietnamese food and Chinese food, which is perfect for people who really do not like Vietnamese food. My favorite dish from this place would be “Gio Cuon Tom Thit” and these are shrimp and pork spring rolls that come with a delicious peanut sauce. Guess how much an order is? $3; yes, $3. Also, any of their sandwiches are delicious as well. Plus, they have seating set up next to their truck, so you can actually sit down somewhere to enjoy your meal.

3. Purple Tree Organic Acai Blends


Photo courtesy of Purple Tree Organic Acia Blends Facebook

Purple Tree Acai is most famous for their acai bowls and their smoothies. On an acai bowl, you can add organic granola, strawberries, bananas, coconut shavings and honey, as well as the a la carte toppings, which feature peanut butter, chia seeds, mango and more. Purple Tree Acai also offers an amazing cookie sandwich with your choice of cookie and ice cream. This food truck is usually located near campus or on campus. So, the next time you see this purple truck, stop by for an awesome acai bowl. Perfect for breakfast or a mid-day snack.

4. Isabella’s Ice Cream


Photo courtesy of Isabella’s Ice Cream Facebook

First off, all of their ice cream is authentically made in Tucson. Their ingredients are always fresh and range from different places such as their blended coffees from Brazil and their Pecans from Green Valley. This doesn’t look like your typical food truck, but when it’s summer or even a 75-degree winter, you won’t question the look. Isabella’s ice cream is also a family owned business and we wildcats all know how much we love to support our local foodies.

Now go out and try these delicious food trucks!