Whether you're in school or not, I bet you want to be a smart cookie. And while I can't guarantee these treats will raise your IQ, they'll definitely make your tummy happy. Here are the four best small cookie companies you need to try to satisfy your sweet tooth.

1. Cookie Department

People often say, "But first, coffee." However, I'm more like, "But first, cookies." Running low on energy and craving something sugary? These caffeinated cookies are the solution to your problems. Coming in flavors like chocolate chip, peanut butter, espresso, spiced ginger, and even sweet potato, these cookies will not only give you an energy boost, but provide your body with a potpourri of nutrients. Some cookies include whey protein and maca, while other flavors are rich in antioxidants. 

These cookies are known as "fully functional", meaning experts work on developing cookies that help you function in days of swamped schedules. The fresh and natural components of each cookie not only provide health benefits, but are incredibly effective. The cookie department describes their product as "cookies that get right to work!"

Nonetheless, the team of experts at The Cookie Department mask the healthy components from your tastebuds and instead fill them with sweet satisfaction. Can't believe it's not butter--more like can't believe it's not unhealthy! Good for the body, good for the taste buds...what more could a person ask for?

2. Cookie Joint

Love fries? Love cookies? This company is for you! Forget Shake Shacks' crinkle cut fries, and instead indulge in Cookie Joint's signature crinkle cut cookies. This one of a kind company is sure to both intrigue you and make you drool. 

Jill Balick and Susie Schuster started the Cookie Joint as a way of combining their love of the arts as well as their passion for baking, and their product sure does not disappoint.

Instead of ketchup and mustard, these cookie fries are designed to be dunked in an assortment of sweet sauces including: salted caramel, marshmallow, hazelnut, peanut butter, chocolate, tangy raspberry and lemon. Each individual French fry cookie is hand cut and packaged into fry-tastic, Insta-worthy boxes.

3. D Jars

Oh, mason jars. Ever since Pinterest, these hipster containers have taken the internet by storm. D Jars Cookie Company, based on Etsy, specializes in creating cookie mixes inside mason jars. Name a more iconic pair than homemade cookies and a reusable mason jar? I'll wait.

Each jar's theme directly corresponds to the ingredients inside and let me tell you, these flavors are out of this world! From flavors like birthday cake and s'mores, to peanut butter Reese's overload, there is a jar for every occasion and every person.

The best part about this jar is that it caters to those who may not carry the skills and assets of a baker, but still crave a delicious warm cookie. For this jar, all you do is mix, bake, and eat. The only ingredients you have to supply are butter, eggs, and vanilla. How much easier can it get?

4. Cookie Jar DC

Now, we have to address the elephant in the room... the best part about making cookies is definitely eating the dough while our parents constantly give us lectures on how  bad it is for you. Blah, blah, blah. We all know you sneak the spatula out of the sink and eat the dough- its inevitable. Saying you don't eat cookie dough is like saying a donut has zero calories.

The Cookie Jar DC has managed to whip up "edible" (aka safe to eat) raw cookie dough. This sugary dough comes straight from the mixing bowl and into your container. 

The best part about this company is that they have created almost every cookie dough flavor imaginable, from the classic snickerdoodle and sugar cookie, to their seasonal flavors of eggnog and even unicorn. And you can even bake the dough into actual cookies if you want. Multipurpose dough is definitely the way to go.

These cookie companies are useful to keep in mind when buying gifts for loved ones or just trying to satisfy your own sweet tooth. Cookie Monster approved!