Leave all the measuring and muddling to the professionals. This holiday weekend before you head out to Sasquatch or Shasta make sure to grab a cooler and fill it with one of these affordable big-batch summer cocktails and get down with your bad self… responsibly of course!

Blueberry Mojito


Photo by Lauren Beane

This drink is perfect because it sounds cool, but really you can make it even if you’re ballin’ on a budget.

How To: Smash some blueberries and a couple leaves of mint in a glass, fill it up with ice, add a shot of blueberry vodka and top with sprite.

See that wasn’t so hard.

Texas Yucca


Photo by Lauren Beane

If you’re having a party be sure to make this! Not only is it strong and delicious, but it’s also great substitute for your shake weight.

How to: Grab a jug and a half gallon of decent 100% Agave tequila, cut 8 lemons and limes into wedges, squeeze and toss them in the jug. Next, pour 1 1/2 cups sugar into the mix and fill your container with as much ice as you can fit. Shake the jug for at least 10 minutes— grab your friends and take turns with each person shaking for several minutes, the goal is to vigorously shake your yucca until the sugar dissolves. Pour into shots or over ice and ENJOY!

Summer Sangria


Photo by Lauren Beane

I don’t know a whole lot of Spanish, but I’m pretty sure Sangria translates to “delicious wine with fruit tossed in it.”

How To: Buy the biggest jug of red wine that you can find (Carlos Rossi Paisano is recommended), or 2 normal people bottles of wine, mix in 1 cup orange juice, 1/2 cup triple sec and a couple of sliced oranges and strawberries.

It’s like jungle juice for grown ups without the awful hangover and deep seeded regret.

The Pink Panty Dropper


Photo by Lauren Beane

First off—no, I did not name this concoction— I am merely passing it on because one time I had it at a party and it tasted pretty dang good and I did not believe the person who told me what the ingredients were until I made it myself. So with that, take my hand, you’re going to have to trust me on this one.

How To: Pour out an 18 rack of cheap light beer into a cooler. See I told you this one was classy. Next, add a half gallon of vodka. Finally, mix in 5-7 cans of frozen strawberry lemonade concentrate to taste, if you would like it sweeter after 5, add more. Eventually it will taste like a decent, dare I say, yummy cocktail that would be great to sip on for a game of beer pong. I mean it’s got beer, ya know?