Whether Ratatouille is your favorite Disney movie or you are actually thinking about culinary school, you should be following a LOT of food Instas. I probably follow around 50 and I'm not sure whether I should be embarrassed or proud. Join me (please) in following the best of the best food creations to bless your feed daily. 

1. @halfbakedharvest

She’ll show you how to put in a little bit of effort but make it look like you put in a lot. You're welcome in advance for all the compliments you're going to receive. Oh, she also has a cookbook.

2. @pinchofyum

They have video recipes that are literally so easy they don’t have a written out recipe. Pretty hard to screw that up.

3. @whatsgabycookin

Gaby’s whole world is dedicated to food, and I’m honestly very jealous. Besides having a website dedicated to her recipes and her best food travel stories, she also has her own cookbook with the same title as her Insta handle.

4. @food52

Everything they make is just stunning food. You’re not gonna want to eat what you make because it will look like an actual work of art.

5. @smittenkitchen

Their specialty is upscale comfort food that’s still easy to make. And they test the recipes first to make sure they’re simple enough while also tasting next-level. Count me in.

7. @thefeedfeed

These recipes come straight from an Insta community of food lovers. If you already know how to whip up something good tag #feedfeed in your post and maybe you’ll get lucky with a feature.

8. @foodblogfeed

Do you ever see a food pic on Instagram and sort of hope that no one ate it (read: destroyed it)? That’s how this whole feed makes me feel.

8. @minimalistbaker

Something we all wish we could be. But then again, if we follow the recipes should be able to copy the minimalist baker aesthetic, too.

10. @forksoverknives

Their whole thing is clean eating and focusing more on nutrition. And honestly if food can look this good while still being good for you, then why not?

11. @hotforfood

Sexualizing food isn’t weird, right? This handle is a constant mood when almost every account you follow is a food account. And it’s vegan. Who knew vegan food could look so good?

12. @damn_delicious

Delicious food and the occasional corgi make it hard for anyone not to follow. As far as food Instas go, this one does a great job of combining my two favorite things.

13. @testkitchen

They test out the recipes first to make sure they’re foolproof. So easy a caveman could do it.

14. @cooksillustrated

Like Sports Illustrated but a million times better, because it's food. 

15. @seriouseats

Seriously good, what else can I say?

16. @healthy_ish

They just get it. For when you want to be healthy but then remember that time you (accidentally) ate an entire pint of ice cream.

17. @basically

Coming at you live from Bon Appetit Mag is the best of the basics.

18. @epicurious

All your food questions and curiosities will be answered.

19. @saveurmag

Bringing the world cuisine off the pages of their magazine and straight to your Insta feed. Honestly, who even reads magazines anymore?

19. @csaffitz

She’s a Senior Food Editor at Bon Appetit and I’m seriously envious. She also successfully made her own Lucky Charms marshmallows. Talk about talent.

20. @yossyarefi

A pie aficionado who loves to share her creations. I love her for that.

21. @ashrod

Not only does she share all her pretty food, she also has an outdoor cooking show which is equal parts entertaining and unrealistic for the rest of us.

22. @sproutedkitchen

All the things natural and in season make for food that tastes the way it was meant to taste.

23. @spoonforkbacon

You know, just your typical utensils.

24. @tastingtable

They’ll give you advice on everything you want to eat and drink.

25. @eater

Also look out for their location-specific Instas, like Eater NY, for the best of the best in a city near you.

26. @munchies

VICE gives us their hot take on food and I’m not complaining about what I see.

27. @bestfood_aroundtheworld

As the name suggests, they give you the best delicacies from all over the globe. BRB - planning a trip revolving around food.

28. @tastethisnext

They already know what you’re next bite should be even before you know what you’re in the mood for.

29. @noodleworship

For those of you who pray to the noodle gods and despise the gluten-free fad. #sendnoods

30. @surfnoturf

Bring in the dancing lobsters!

31. @funwithfries

If every day is Fry-day for you, you should def be following. Also if you can never decide between waffle or curly so you decide to get both.

32. @bellythebeast

Like Beauty and the Beast, but different.