The village of Hamilton is one of central New York's hidden gems. Most people know it as the home of the amazing Colgate University but few are aware of its culinary excellence. Hamilton is actually home to some of the cheesiest, chocolatiest, most indulgent foods around. 

So if you find yourself here anytime soon, these are things you absolutely must try. 

1. Mac Daddy - Hamilton Eatery

This sandwich is a huge undertaking, but it's so worth it. It's basically a grilled cheese with the added benefit of mac and cheese. AND HAM. It's amazing.

2. Big Willy - Hamilton Eatery

This ginormous sandwich is seriously such a fire combo. Cheddar, turkey, guacamole, and tomato. There's even a t-shirt named after it.

3. Red Light Mac and Cheese - Hamilton Eatery

If you're a fan of Eatery Mac, you have to try the red light mac. They add bacon, jalapenos, and green chiles. It's a little bit spicy, but the added kick is so needed.

4. Veggie Sandwich - Hamilton Eatery

This is the classic brown bag lunch sandwich - mozzarella, pesto, spinach, tomato, and roasted red peppers. Add grilled chicken for extra protein, or get it toasted if you're feeling super fancy.

5. The McDuck - Flour and Salt Bakery

Hamilton's newest addition has upped their breakfast game by offering a traditional meat, egg, and cheese with duck egg. Duck eggs are bigger and more flavorful and this sandwich really showcases it.

6. Rosemary Salt Bagel - Flour and Salt Bakery

If you're just in the mood for a bagel, out of the 8 options, the rosemary salt is a fan favorite. It's salty but has the smooth flavor of rosemary and tastes good with literally any sandwich.

7. Cinnamon Bun - Flour and Salt Bakery

If you're not a bagel person, the best pastry there is the cinnamon bun, hands down. It's huge, gooey, and has plenty of frosting. On weekends, they change the cinnamon filling to raspberry and it's also amazing.

8. Brownie Ice Cream Sandwich - Byrne Dairy

chocolate, cake
Mallory Shaner

Go off the beaten path and skip the Chipwich and get a brownie ice cream sandwich. If there's a long Jug line, it's a good excuse to go across the street and grab one of these.

9. Loaded Wings - Ruschs

This is a secret menu item, but it's so worth knowing about. The wings themselves are amazing, but loading them up with bleu cheese and other fixings is such a power move.

10. Raspberry Margarita - La Iguana

Kate Pinchiaroli

Ditch the traditional margarita and go for the raspberry. It's fresh, strong, and super tasty, and washes down the guac here perfectly.

11. Taco Salad - La Iguana

salmon, pasta, salad
Julia Benson

This salad is not only amazing, it is served inside of a tortilla bowl. Plus, order it with the chipotle mayo as dressing and it's amazing.

12. Guacamole - La Iguana

salsa, guacamole, avocado
Sarah Cziner

You can't not get guacamole at La Iguana. It's spicy, full of avocado, and has plenty of flavor. I honestly could eat an entire large serving myself, so make sure to order extra.

13. Mac and Cheese - Saxby's

Even though Saxby's is a coffee shop, they low key have the best mac and cheese in town. It has some blend of spices in it that adds a ton of flavor.

14. Chicken Parm Sub - Oliveri's

This sub/hero/grinder whatever you call it is a fan favorite (especially post-fraturday). Only get the large if you're brave enough. And if you're feeling risky, swap out the marinara for vodka sauce.

15. Rice Ball - Oliveri's

bacon, cheese
Mallory Shaner

These authentic arancini are the closest to Italy Hamilton will ever get. Stuffed with pepperoni and cheese or ham and cheese, they taste even better with a side of marinara.

16. Mac Bites - Oliveri's

Mallory Shaner

Back by popular demand (after a short lived hiatus), these deep fried balls of mac and cheese are any college student's dream. Dip them in Oliveri's homemade ranch and you're set.

17. Charcuterie Plate - Colgate Inn

cheese, bacon, spread, cheddar, sausage
Emily Daniel

When Mom and Dad are in town, you have to convince them to splurge on this. With local New York cheese, jams, and toast points, this will show your parents you don't eat like a 6-year-old.

18. Toll House Pie - Colgate Inn

chocolate, cream, cake, sweet, pie, pastry, cheesecake, dairy product
Mallory Shaner

This is everyone's favorite classic Inn dish. Toll House pie is good for literally any occasion, from birthdays to good exam grades, a warm Toll House pie is the perfect cure for snow.

19. Brunch - Colgate Inn

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If you're not in the mood to drive to Suzi's or Quack's, the brunch at the Colgate Inn is amazing. Any dish you get is sure to please, from the breakfast burrito to the scrambled eggs. Plus, in the fall, it's great Sunday morning people-watching.

20. Slice of Pizza - New York Pizzeria

How could the famous slice not make it on? This is the slice of pizza to end all pizzas. Perfect for an afternoon snack, a post-frat snack, or a late-night-study snack, this can't be missed.

21. Mozzarella Sticks - New York Pizzeria

bread, meat, sweet
Jake Pulver

These are also amazing, despite sharing their home with Slices. Order them ahead of time on your walk back from the frats and add in a few pies (Slices Style) and everyone's happy.

22. Potstickers - N13

gyoza, dumpling, meat, pork, fish, seafood
Erin Munro

These potstickers are way better than the frozen kind your mom always gets. A perfect snack after classes, and they're always freshly made!

23. Classic Ramen - N13

A hot bowl of ramen is what everyone craves in January. But this isn't Top Ramen - this is authentic, real ramen and you have to try it.

24. Poutine - No. 10 Tavern

Again, the apps really shine at the Tavern. The poutine may not come as close to the famous ones of Montreal, but post winter fraturdays, it's honestly everything you need.

25. Warm Barbecue Chips - No. 10 Tavern

chicken, potato
Mallory Shaner

Served with a homemade blue cheese dipping sauce, this is the perfect way to warm your stomach up for one of the famous Tavern burgers - you'll be wanting more.

26. Burger - No. 10 Tavern

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Obviously, you have to get a burger at the Tavern. All burgers are served with two patties, so make sure you're hungry. Each week they also have three special burgers, so make sure to check those out.

27. Apple Cider Donuts - Farmer's Market

Kate Pinchiaroli

When you're walking around doing your fresh grocery shopping for the week, you need to refuel with one of these donuts. They are the definition of fall.

28. Chicken Parmesan Pasta - Seven Oaks Clubhouse

The one dish on this list that isn't walking distance from campus is SO WORTH THE DRIVE. It's penne pasta in a tomato cream sauce with lots of parmesan cheese and bits of parmesan crusted chicken. It's also huge and you can easily make three meals out of one serving.

29. Cheeky Monkey - Hamilton Whole Foods

bacon, tacos, chicken, sandwich, cheese
Julia Benson

This sandwich, with chickpeas, peanuts, raisins, and tabbouleh, is the weirdest combo but also one of the best. It's a perfectly healthy sandwich that also tastes really comforting.

30. Smoothie - Hamilton Whole Foods

smoothie, juice, milkshake, tea
Mallory Shaner

These strawberry and soy milk smoothies are incredibly popular during the few warm months Hamilton has. Add banana, peanut butter, or both, or if you're feeling healthy, add the green stuff. It's all good.