To celebrate the start of April, Spoon Stevens decided to make our theme this month Eggs! 🥚 To kick off the theme, here are 30 ideas of how to eat your eggs! Don't forget to take pictures and share them with us on Instagram by tagging us and using the #stevensspoon!  

11 Ways to Cook Your Eggs🥚

1. You got poached.

2. You got fried.

3. You got hard boiled.

4. You got soft boiled.

5. You got scrambled.

6. You got sunny side up.

7. You got over easy.

8. You got over medium.

9. You got over hard.

10. You got omelettes.

11. And you can make tea eggs!

That's just plain eggs... there's even MORE you can do by adding a thing or two to transform your egg into a snack or dish!

5 Things to Add to Your Eggs🥚

Here are some classic pairings:

12. Egg and cheese

13. Egg and Taylor ham

14. Bacon egg and cheese

15. Egg and avocado

And my favorite, 16. Tomato and egg! A simple dish with just tomato, egg, ketchup and maybe a little garlic if you're feeling fancy, that goes great with rice.

Awesome Egg Combinations

If you want to take your egg to the next level, take a look at these insta-worthy egg meals (get ready to feel hungry!):

17. Egg in a hole (toast)

It's as simple as punching a hole in your bread and cracking an egg to cook in it, and look at how cute it is!

18. Breakfast pizza

Good old Pierce.

19. Egg on a burger

20. Egg Fried Rice

21. Eggs with bagels 

22. Egg salad

23. Egg with ramen

24. Eggs Benedict

25. Deviled eggs

26. Quiche/soufflé

27. Pancake wraps/Breakfast burrito

28. Egg noodles

Who Says Eggs Are Just For Eating?

Have extra eggs? Only used the yolk or whites and don't know what to do with the other half? 

29. Face masks

30. Egg Shell planters

We could probably name a million other egg dish ideas but there are only thirty days in April 😞. Share your eggggs-tra egg🥚 dishes with us on Instagram!