Egyptians have mastered the art of making the most anticipated and nutritious meal of the day: breakfast.

It’s therefore no surprise that there is nothing I look forward to more when coming home to Egypt than the mouth-watering morning meals that await me. As John Gunther once wisely said, “All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast.” 

1. Foul Medames

Egyptian breakfast

Photo courtesy of Noha Serageldin

This is likely the easiest breakfast recipe you’ve encounter yet in life, my fellow students. But that doesn’t mean it lacks flavor or character.

Foul, said as “fool” are fava beans mashed together with cumin, lemon, salt and pepper and a drizzle of olive oil. Although the basic recipe is delicious, there are other interesting methods to spice up your foul such as tahini foul, or tomato foul.

2. Taameya

Egyptian breakfast

Photo courtesy of Noha Serageldin

To step up up your breakfast game a bit further, look for taameya (taa-mey-a) or falafel. A whole lot bigger than falafel and a lot yummier! Made out of fava beans (yes, we love our fava beans) and coriander, taameya is the perfect combination of crunchy and soft!

It’s best eaten in a loaf of traditional Egyptian bread known as “baladi” bread with a little drizzle of tahini.

3. Beid Bel Basterma

Egyptian breakfast

Photo by Megan Prendergast

My all-time favorite (and the heaviest item on Egyptian breakfast menus) are eggs cooked in ghee (lots and lots of it) with dried beef (known as beid bel basterma in arabic). The smell of this dish alone is enough to make my heart sing with happiness.

Although I have to admit it this dish may not be the healthiest considering the amount of ghee that goes into it, it’s truly egg-cellent.

There you have it, three Egyptian award-winning breakfasts that I guarantee will leave any of your guests coming back for more.