Everyone knows that drinking games can make or break a party and honestly, some classics are starting snooze up our ragers.  So if you’re sick and tired of the old shenanigans, here are three new crazy drinking games you definitely have to try.

1. True American

If you’ve ever seen the show New Girl, then you have probably heard of the fictional drinking game, “True American”…well, fictional until now. As “50% drinking game and 50% life sized candy land” (as said in the show,) this game gets really fun, really fast.

How it Looks

Start by putting one bottle of liquor in the center of the room and surround it completely by a “beer castle”.

There are four zones of the room with five cushions in each zone that players can stand on “the floor is made of lava” style.

Be the first person to reach the liquor. Once all of the beer is gone, take a sip from the bottle.

How to Play

  • Players shotgun a beer. Whoever shotguns the fastest gets the first turn.
  • First turn player yells “One, Two, Three JFK!” Others respond “FDR!”. Game begins.
  • Players take turns advancing through the cushions. You may never be caught without a beer or with an empty can and must move clockwise on the cushions to reach the center “castle”.

2. Kastenlauf

Not only are Germans great at making beer, but also at finding out clever ways to drink it.  The German drinking game “Kastenlauf” or “Bierkastenrennen”, which literally means “beer crate running”, combines drinking beer and athletics making it a lethally fun way to get trashed. So grab your favorite IPA, a big crate, your best friend and get ready to run.

What You Need to Play
Eight miles worth of space.
Lots of beer.

How to Play

  • Players split into teams of two.
  • Each team receives a crate full of beer.
  • Be the first team to cross the finish line.
  • In order to cross all of your beer must be gone.
  • Two team members drink beer, and beer must be gone before you cross the finish line.

3. Drunk Mario Kart

What You Need to Play

2-4 players
Any Mario Kart video game
30 rack of cheap beer

How to Play

  • Game begins like normal Mario Kart
  • Once the countdown hits “go!” all players crack open their beers and start drinking.
  • Be the first player to cross the finish line with an empty can of beer.
  • The only time you can drink is when your kart is at a full and complete stop.

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