You’ve topped off your salads with them, simmered them in curry sauce and baked them in a blend of spices from recipes you found on Pinterest. But now the chickpea is getting a makeover and I can’t say that I’m mad.

According to Huffington Post, the newest food trend is combining chickpeas with chocolate to make a delicious snack. Check out three of these chocolate chickpea creations that have hit the market.

1. The Good Bean

The Good Bean created a crispy snack of chickpeas coated in vanilla and chocolate. The Good Bean Crispy, Crunchy, Chocolate Chickpeas are gluten free, non-GMO and contain five grams of protein and fiber per serving.



Photo courtesy of The Good Bean

2. Hope Spreads

Hope Spreads came up with a Nutella twin but with a lot less sugar. Hope Spreads Organic Coconut Dark Chocolate & Organic Dark Chocolate contains five grams of sugar per serving compared with Nutella’s 21 grams. With coconut sugar, cocoa powder, vanilla, espresso and sea salt who wouldn’t want to dip pretzels/fruit in it? (or let’s face it, eat it with a spoon)


Photo courtesy of Hope Spreads

3. Pulse

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ chocolate bark? Pulse made a sweet and salty winning combination with its Vegan Dark Chocolate Bark. Made from organic cacao, cacao butter and coconut sugar studded with roasted chickpeas vegans won’t be the only one loving this.


Photo courtesy of Pulse

What crazy combo will we fall in love with next?

Be sure to check out these recipes to kick up your plain old chickpeas: