Nearly all of us are Taco Bell lovers and have been for a while now. Recently, our beloved home of the Chicken Quesadillas and Chalupas has released a new tasty snack, and they go by the name Nacho Fries. This out-of-the-box move for Taco Bell has turned into a success! It's a completely bold and unique menu item unlike anything they've had before, and it tastes better than you can imagine.

Need some reasons to hop in your car right now and live más?

1) They're Innovative

Did you ever think that a fast food spot such as Taco Bell would ever release a new menu item consisting of fries? I'll answer that for you...NEVER. This is a huge move on their part and it has truly taken the whole world by surprise. Out of all the different new items they have introduced, like Naked Chicken Chips, fries definitely wasn't on anybody's mind. It almost seems like Taco Bell's Nacho Fries are trying to compete in the fries battle between all the fast food chains, like Checker's and McDonald's, which is quite innovative. Nevertheless, when have they truly failed us? These are a darn perfect idea.

2) They're Delicious

Still not convinced? How about trying this delicacy because it is just simply delicious! Taco Bell's nacho fries are covered in their very own Mexican seasoning, containing spices like paprika and cayenne pepper. To top it off, they also come with a side of hot & gooey nacho cheese, perfect for any cheese lover. And if that isn't enough, you can also upgrade if you feel like treating yourself and splurging. Yep! For a few more bucks, you can upgrade from a Nacho Bell Grande to a Nacho Fries Bell Grande, or even a Nacho Fries Supreme. Doesn't that sound tempting? These spiced up fries with cheesy goodness always keep me coming back!

3) They're $1

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Caroline Ingalls

Here's the deal breaker that will make you want to switch over to the Nacho Fries side. They are only $1! Hard to believe, I know, but for just a buck you get a good serving of always fresh fries, with some hot nacho sauce for dipping (optional but highly recommended). Now this is what I call a bargain! And if you are a college student, this is one affordable snack you don't want to miss out on.

By now I hope I have convinced you to jump in your car and drive to the nearest Taco Bell, it will be the best dollar you have ever spent!

I'm sure you've officially been convinced to jump in your car and drive to the nearest Taco Bell and grab yourself a serving (or two) of Nacho Fries. A dollar well spent!