Spoon University is an organization based on producing articles and videos centered on food and community. Here are the top three reasons to consider joining Spoon University at Ball State.

Kangan Kansal


Telecommunications are a huge thing at Ball State. Being the largest major, odds are you or at least someone you know are Tcomm. Spoon aims to give members tools and practice to make the most out of their experiences here at Ball State. That being said, you definitely do not need to be a Tcomm major to join this club. The only requirement here is to be passionate about food. Training is provided with membership, so all levels of experience are welcome.

Some of the different areas you can explore include:


Marketing/ Social Media



And there are leadership areas involved in each of these positions as well, lending a wealth of opportunities within the chapter.


Becoming a member of Spoon is becoming a member of something bigger as well. Spoon is involved with a variety of colleges around the country and is active in over six countries. Being an online resource, members will have the chance to be seen by others on and off campus. Some Spoon contributors have are even featured on the Food Network snapchat story, which is pretty awesome. 


We also aim to build a community here on campus and around Muncie. By joining Spoon, you will join a group of students passionate about food and content creation. How many articles does the average person see talking about a new food shop opening in NYC or Chicago? Spoon will serve Muncie and the Ball State community by giving this area specific reporting to give something personal back to the community. We will also be putting on different events throughout the year to encourage community involvement.

Dan Ho

Spoon University at Ball State is excited to share these opportunities with you and the Ball State community. Apply here if you are interested or email spoon.ballstate@gmail.com. If you are unable to join for whatever reason, you can still support us by following us on Instagram @spoon_ball.state.

Bon Appetit.

Gail Rabasca