Spoon University is the food resource for our generation and the  mission for the Spoon UNM chapter is to encourage students to eat intelligently and to eat locally.

By intelligently, we don't mean everything you eat has to be fat-free and whole grain, but we want college students to know how to navigate the dining hall, use their stove, and most importantly, know that they don't have to eat ramen noodles every day of their college career. 

New Mexico is a great state with our own taste and culture. There are so many local coffee shops, breweries, and restaurants. As the next generation, we need to support these local businesses and not always eat at big chains. If the mission speaks to you as a student then join our chapter. Still need some convincing? Check out these other reasons to join Spoon UNM.

1. The Food 

Spoon UNM is an organization centered around food. Everyone in Spoon has a love for food and the position they hold helps them to glorify food in the best way possible.

Since we are a food organization, we get recognized by local eateries. The Little Red Hamburger Hut started giving UNM students and staff a 15% discount and Cupcakes by Nicole baked our members some delish cupcakes for one of our meetings.  

2. National Recognition

Ashley Weaver

As a member of Spoon UNM, you have the opportunity to be recognized nationally as a writer, videographer, photographer, or all three.

Spoon University partners with various online forums such as Buzzfeed, The Food Network, Yahoo Food, and much more. Articles can be shared on any of these platforms which means more traffic on articles and the better chance you'll be recognized as a great writer.

The above picture is from an article entitled, How to Make Your Very Own Baklava. This article got over one thousand likes and was viewed on Pinterest, StumbleUpon, and many more.

3. Anyone Can Join

Spoon UNM has a variety of majors and personalities. Some of our members study Biochemistry, Economics, Accounting, and even Nuclear Engineering. We all have a different perspective and point of view on food and that's what makes the organization so great. We all have our own interests, but the one common thing that brings us all together is a love for food.

Convinced that Spoon UNM is for you? Fill out the form on our Join page and we will contact you with all the juicy details of becoming a Spoon Member.