Attention all of you Starbucks lovers and coffee drinking fiends, it's time to put down your fifth cup of coffee and head to your closest Starbucks because your typical iced-coffee is about to have it's world rocked. Just a few weeks ago, Starbucks Coffee announced the exciting news that they will be releasing coffee ice cubes, which you can now add to any iced drink for just 80 cents!

What are coffee ice cubes you ask? Well they're pretty self explanatory. Simply put, it's frozen coffee in the shapes and sizes of ice cubes - just like any typical ice cube except made out of coffee instead of water. Now, if that doesn't sound like the best way to get that caffeinated kick you're always looking for in the morning, then here are three reasons why you gotta try them.

1. Say Goodbye To Watered Down Coffee

The main perk of this new and improved iced treat is the fact that it defeats a coffee lover's worst nightmare: watered down coffee. Now that the ice cubes are made from coffee, your iced beverage will forever keep it's original, bold, and effective coffee flavor.

2. Say Hello To Stronger and Smoother Tasting Beverages

By including coffee ice, your cup is guaranteed to be stronger and smoother than any normal cup of joe with ice that's bound to melt and ruin your beverage. With this life-changing Starbucks hack, the flavor in your coffee will last so much longer and you'll never want to go back to regular ice. With that being said, what's better than plain ole' coffee? Coffee IN your coffee!

3. You're Getting More For Your Money

Let's not forget about the "light ice" lawsuit against Starbucks filling beverage cups with more ice than liquid. Thankfully in this case, coffee ice cubes means more coffee to your coffee. Therefore, you're getting the most for your money and by the time the ice cubes melt, they will just add a greater and stronger coffee flavor! Cha Ching!

So next time you make a Starbucks order, make the right decision and go with the coffee ice cubes. But hey, if you can't make it in time for the limited-edition item, there's always the DIY method you can try at home. Cheers!